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Researchers Use Shockwaves to Cure Erectile Dysfunction
[06 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
i doubt that men would prefer shockwaves to Viagra
Toddlers Will Eat New Foods If They Look at Picture Books
[06 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
Most children are very picky when it comes to food and it is great that scientists suggest new ways to make children eat healthy
Younger-looking People More Likely to Live Longer
[06 Jan, 2010] Science
obviously healthy people always look younger, which makes them live longer
Our Brain is Overloaded with More Than 100,000 Words a Day
[06 Jan, 2010] Science
i agree that our brain has much more hidden power and humans develop more sophisticated devices that make us even more overloaded
Japanese Could Soon Buy Life-Size Robots That Represent Exact Copies of Their Owners
[06 Jan, 2010] Technology
i would be freaked out by a robot that looks like me
Dogs and Cats Pollute More Than Vehicles?
[06 Jan, 2010] Environment
now everything seems to contribute to global warming
Latest Invention: Solar-powered Device that Generates Energy for Electronic Contact Lenses
[06 Jan, 2010] Science
i wear contacts myself and i think how great is to see without glasses, but knowing that you can also generate some energy-that's just cool!!!
Artist Sculpts 100 Santas Using Sand to Draw Attention on Global Warming
[06 Jan, 2010] Offbeat
wow! the idea is amazing. what a pity the sculptures won't live long
Woman Accused of Cutting Unborn Baby from Mother's Womb
[21 Jul, 2008] Current Events
This is really horrifying. I cannot even imagine what kind of monster this woman should be to make such things.
Parents Lose Custody of Their Children for Teaching them Nazi
[13 Jun, 2008] Offbeat
This is quite a complicated issue. On the one side, everyone has the right for freedom of speech. On the other side, what can be worse than spoiling kid's minds with racist thoughts? May be the government officials could do somehting else than take the kids from their parents, I don't know. In my opinion, it's hard to blame the officials for taking such measures.
Samurai Swords to be Banned in UK
[16 Jan, 2008] Offbeat
that's kind of unreasonable, if anyone has the intention to kill, he will do it by any means

[31 Aug, 2007]
eyes come first - u can actually understand what kind of person к г dealing with
A New Game to Make Your Face Look Happier
[31 Aug, 2007] Technology
oh i really need one especially on those days when boss is around
A Better Office Working Schedule Suggested by British Researchers
[31 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
i strongly agree- i am sick and tired of staring at monitor all day long- i need some rest -fresh air-or at the end of the week i feel absolutely exhausted it's a pity no one cares
Teenagers are Truly Madly in Love
[31 Aug, 2007] Science
my friends always told me i am too much idealistic when in love. when i was a teenager i could fall in in love like very few months
How to Deal With Too Much Attention at Work (for women)
[28 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
well guys do sometimes get a bit more "attentive"-it's not really fun when someone stares at your boobs more than at your work
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