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InfoNIAC Presents: Top 6 Latest Inventions of August 2009
[01 Sep, 2009] Current Events
Great inventions here. My favorite is the hologram projector - just image how the gaming industry would change with that thing.
South Korea to Feature Green Super City
[31 Aug, 2009] Environment
This is a great idea, but i doubt that it will make a lot of people more aware about the environmetal issues. I also don't think that 320,000 people will be willing to live there. Still the idea is inspiring.
Latest Invention: Eco-friendly Driverless Vehicles
[14 Aug, 2009] Technology
//1, Probably the ones who give money for the project. don't think those are the first passengers to test the vehicle.
Loud Music Leads to More Drinking in Less Time
[14 Aug, 2009] Science
Loud music has never been a problem - I have a few friends who like to listen to loud music in bars and they don't drink a lot - maybe a bottle of bear and that's all. Guess the study should also consider visiting more bars located in different locations worldwide.
100 Rules for Chinese Next-Generation Astronauts
[07 Aug, 2009] Health & Fitness
I guess one out of a billion people could suit the rules, still doubt - the rules are too strict, I mean "no history of illness in the last 3 generations" - this is stupid.
Brazilian Ad Encourages Peeing in the Shower to Save Water
[07 Aug, 2009] Offbeat
Well, if peeing in the shower saves water then I can be proudly called a hero. This is a great idea and I believe people should pee more in the shower and save the planet!!!
F--king Told W--k to Cash In on the Town's Fame
[07 Aug, 2009] Offbeat
//1, A few centuries ago people were not worried about their towns' names, and chaning a name today would be like chaging a part of history. However, I admit that the names are damn funny, though I would not consider making jokes when I visit one of these two tows.
Latest Invention: Oyster - the New Wave Power System
[07 Aug, 2009] Environment
I don't think that in the near future a lot of countries will be able to afford such system, there are other issues people have to solve and not waste money of wave power system. Plus the solar energy is more effective that wave, so it would be cheaper to install solar panels and create solar power stations.
Nazi Stealth Aircraft (World's First Stealth Fighter) Re-Constructed
[03 Aug, 2009] Technology
The idea to reconstruct an old and rather odd jet sounds intriguing, but there's very little proof the plane wa the firth to have stealth abilities. I don't think it would've had any advantage during the war. it looks more like a disney land toy rather than a stealth fighter...
New World Record for Continuous Movie Watching is Now 57 Movies in 123 Hours
[10 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
Crazy people - I love movies but 123 hours is just way out of line
Parrot Trade under Ban in Mexico
[10 Oct, 2008] Environment
78,000 parrots are entrapped illegally - wow - that's a lot of birds! I've never seen so many parrots in my life.
New Yorker Sued Over Viva Viagra Rocket
[10 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
crazy guy - crazy for viagra
Ethereal Beauty of Star Creation Captured by NASA and ESA Telescopes
[10 Oct, 2008] Science
Marvelous image!
Migraines - Original Solutions
[10 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
Don't drink people - then you'll have no migraines
Dinosaur King Size Secret
[10 Oct, 2008] Environment
Well, I guess my neighbor is a dinosaur.
Dalai Lama's Operation Passed Successfully
[10 Oct, 2008] Current Events
He's a good guy so I hope he's well
Astronomers Spotted Evidence of First Planetary Collision
[24 Sep, 2008] Science
This is rather intruguing. what causes two planets to crash?
Hundreds of New Species Discovered in Australian Waters
[23 Sep, 2008] Science
that is one weird fish - interesting though. Such findings show that humans still have to explore earth and may be we'll be able to find cures for various illnesses and discover more alternatives for a greener environment. We should protect our planet. peace to you all.
It Takes 65 Minutes for a Woman to Get Ready For a Night Out
[23 Sep, 2008] Offbeat
well, i guess the answer lies in the genes.
No Undie Sundie Event Canceled for Being Sexist
[23 Sep, 2008] Offbeat
well, the idea is primitive and surely entertaining for some guys, but ladies should respect themselves and for a lousy 40 bucks they really shouldn't make some strange dudes horny.
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