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650 Million Years Old Reef Discovered in Australia
[23 Sep, 2008] Science
Everyday something new. Great find by the way.
Company Invented a Suit That Can Be Worn in Shower
[23 Sep, 2008] Technology
It's better to have shower naked. and how the hell are business executives going to wash themselves with those suits - they have an appointment, the "wet" their suit and then wait till next day for the suit to dry and "sorry partners, i had to let my wonderful suit dry" - weird
Smells Can Influence Dreams, Scientists Say
[23 Sep, 2008] Science
I hope i don't fart during sleep cause there's gonna be trouble in my dreams.
Air Guitar With Infra-Red Strings to Become Christmas Best-Seller
[23 Sep, 2008] Technology
I prefer the real thing - enjoying playing electric guitar and sometimes classic. Peace.
Samurai Swords to be Banned in UK
[16 Jan, 2008] Offbeat
Agree with CRS - weapons will always be available, the more they will be banned the more illegal trafic of weapons the government will have to face. The majority of people keep these Japanese swords for aesthetic purposes rather than use them as attack weapons. Besides, Japanese swords, such as katana, are quite expensive, thus most crimes are performed with the use of other sharp weapons. Banning Japanese swords might be government's economic or political tactic to influence certain things within the country (or maybe abroad). I believe a better way would be introducing a strict licensing system.
Swearing at Workplace Boosts Productivity
[24 Oct, 2007] Science
I swear that I never swore at the workplace, so I guess the time has come, hope my manager sees this message: "Hey I'm f*ckin' tired of your demagogy, you don't know a sh*t about your work!" There we go, now I feel like working. Swearing in the workplace is really helpful, thanks.
How to Deal With Too Much Attention at Work (for women)
[28 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
Sure you do,... I mean - sure WE do ;)
Scientists developed a method to sort a boy from a girl
[28 Aug, 2007] Science
Playing with nature is a dangerous thing. "Sperm separation" sounds intriguing, well, if it'll help some people the what the heck.
Texas Executed the 400th Prisoner
[27 Aug, 2007] Current Events
Isolating is quite effective, accused people can sometimes be not guilty and mistakenly found so. Thus is death penalty really effective? Doubt so.
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