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Torture Approved by Bush Administration
[11 Apr, 2008] Politics
Next Bush administration will approve selling terrorists' organs. Why not? If they were cruel and made a lot of harm to others while alive, their organs may be regarded as a kind of compensation..
Fake Nature of a Rolex is Hidden in Details
[29 Jun, 2007] Offbeat
I don't think so. only replica watches are powered by quartz movements, cause that's what makes them cheap. inthe end, who's going to check the inners of your watch??? i got myself a replica watch, and not relly dissappointed: it's cheap and functional and it looks pretty much the same. but if you've got some $16 grand, go ahead and buy yourself a real rolex... now that would be an invesment!!!
[05 Jun, 2007] Offbeat
Thanks kirreen. See growing up in a modern day public school, we had many a suicide talk. We would get public speakers in. But basically the only message is 'Suicide isnt good, if youre sad tell someone, now go back to class and do some work' Now if youre sad, and hold pride in yourself, youre going to be too scared to tell someone you know about it, even someone you dont know, it takes a toll on your dignity to a point. The real messages that should be sent should be delivered by someone who knows what its like to lose someone. The message should be 'You can do so much with your life, grades arent everything, if youre not going too good with school thats okay, you have your whole life to improve. Do you want your loved ones to hurt for the rest of their lives? No. Here is a number you can call. Here is a place you can go' Banning kids from music isnt going to make them happier, tearing them away from the computer wont either. Placing less pressure on them will. Yes, steph and jodie should have thought of their parents. But at school if they were being delivered the 'youre just a student, unless you do well we dont care' message that most public schools deliver, then perhaps that was the last thing running through their mind. Again, serious thought needs to be put into the school environments around Australia. I personally think they are disgraceful.
Further escalation in the Estonian - Russian relationship
[05 May, 2007] Politics
You are right. Next time we will do so!
New Electronic Display to Be Used on Clothes and Beer Cans
[23 Apr, 2007] Science
Just think, you could have a T-shirt with a moving picture of Spider-man moving in a 3 sec clip. Or posters on you wall that do the same.
A Maniac Threatens to Repeat Tragedy in Virginia
[22 Apr, 2007] Politics
So a college student cant own a small armory? good thing I aint doin school no more I had a small armory when I was in high school, let alone college. At least they are catching people before they do something stupid.





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