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Samurai Swords to be Banned in UK
[04 Mar, 2008] Offbeat
OK things are starting to get a little childish here. Less of the insults, just agree to disagree. I personally just started to collect swords recently (for ornamental purposes and, when i find a ninjitsu school in my area, for training), now i'm not the richest person in the world so authentic swords are out of my financial reach. However, I still love the way my cheap imitation set looks on the mantel. To be honest if i were ever so inclined to set about crime with one of them it would probably break. Now with this ban the hobby of collecting swords has been added to the list of things only the rich can partake, as authentic swords are damned expensive. For me this seems a little unfair, I can't own a limo or a yaught, and now I can't make my tiny home look a little more cultured (maybe I should just graffiti my walls instead since thats the sort of culture that befits my station). Why not ban cheap imitation artwork, then there will be another thing I can't appreciate at home. On the day the legal age of smoking moved to 18, how many crimes were actually created instead of prevented do you think? I don't think millions of 16/17 year olds stopped smoking because it was no longer allowed. The ban won't prevent the crimes since the criminals will already own if not have access to a sword. I do, and I abide by the law. As for the self defence topic, I am in constant fear of being broken into (it's happened before where i woke up to a knife at my throat). Now I have a sword at my diposal I at least feel safer in my own home. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed some sense of reassurance, since the police, those men and women sworn to protect us, provide none whatsoever.





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