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Computer Games Help Youngsters Be More Social
[07 Feb, 2009] Science
What would you rather your kids do, smoke, or play games. I was an outcast when I was a couple of years younger, due to my inability to socialize without aggravating people constantly, so for a few years I played games in an online community. Now days I hang out with mates, have no problem helping people out if I see something that needs to be done, and generally know how to have a good time when I'm with people without causing problems. Know where I learned this? If you go off and play a computer game with a bunch of random people on the net, then you can just leave the situation and join another if you say or do the wrong thing, and through that you can learn how to control the things you say around not just people in the "virtual world" but also outside of it. The only times I think that have had a detrimental effect on me when playing games have been when playing single-player games without a group of people there to play with. Do you know why you don't hear about the people who play games and turn out just fine? Its because its boring, just think of these two headlines, and which your going to look at: "Crazed loner plays game then steals car and crashes into old folks home." "Anti-Social child plays games and then goes on to lead productive life."





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