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Paris Houses the World's First Divorce Fair
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
agree that it might be the crisis to lead to divorces or it might be that women in france can't cook so men have to go to restaurants and not spend time at home, eating with their spouse.
And the Winner of Oxford Dictionary's 2009 Word of the Year Is .... Unfriend
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
some of the words i know and even use sometimes. as for the unfriend, i don't think it is the term that has to be named the word of the year.
New Solar Energy Parking System for Car-stuffed Cities
[18 Nov, 2009] Environment
interesting idea. it could really be brought to life in the near future, but more information on the project is still required, i.e. the amount of energy generated daily or in an hour, the measurements of the parking space.
London Made from Fruits and Vegetables
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
I wonder what did they do with the smell of rotten fruits and vegs?
Cinematon is the Longest Movie Ever, Lasting 150 Hours
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
I heard about the 1 second film, haven't seen it though, it might really change someone's life in just one second with its message
Modern Development Influences Children's Intellectual Development, Scientists Say
[18 Nov, 2009] Science
I always knew that.
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