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I'm very interested in developing technology, and I find it very fascinating. I hope that one day, I can make a very significant contribution to today's developing technology. I am willing to learn about technology that is being created around the world, everyday.

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Japans to Build 21 Billion Dollar Solar Space Station
[08 Dec, 2009] Technology
It's nice to get energy from various types of sources!
World's Biggest Solar Plant to Be Built in China
[08 Dec, 2009] Environment
Awesome! We are finally able to utilize the sun's light for something useful!
The Largest Solar-Powered Bridge Built in Brisbane
[08 Dec, 2009] Technology powered appliances are being created!
Amazing Solar-powered LED Media Wall of the Taipei Pop Music Center
[08 Dec, 2009] Technology
Useful Invention from US Researchers - Spray-on Solar Ink
[08 Dec, 2009] Science
I'm glad to see that green energy is starting to form!
Bird's Songs Vary Depending on the Habitat
[08 Dec, 2009] Science
The World's Oldest Woman Dies at Age 117
[08 Dec, 2009] Current Events
I guess with the right medical treatment, exercise, nutrition, genes, and's quite possible!
Latest Invention: Washing Machine That Doesn't Need Water
[06 Dec, 2009] Technology
Awesome! It's really great that technology is growing in a green manner. I hope that in the future, these alternatives to water can not only be used for washing clothes, but many other water consuming activities. Some examples would be: dish washing, car cleaning, etc.
Latest Invention: Light Batteries Created from Salt and Paper
[06 Dec, 2009] Technology
I'm really glad to see that that technology is developing in an eco-friendly manner.
Nervous Cells Can Regenerate
[06 Dec, 2009] Health & Fitness
OMG! This is pretty cool if it can make me smarter!
Suspect Flu? Use Your Cell!
[06 Dec, 2009] Technology
Games, news, texting, email, internet, camera, weather, maps, and so many more cool additions to cell phones have been made in the past. Although these additions have been very useful and entertaining, I feel that a flu-detector is by far the most astonishing, and life-saving addition to cell phones.
Latest Invention: Robot That Tests Visual Implants for Blind People
[06 Dec, 2009] Technology
I really hope that with technology developing on a daily basis, physically impaired people can gain their vision back. It's very saddening to see many people around the world who are impaired in several ways, and if technology can help them, that's great.
The Most Dangerous Computer Viruses in History
[06 Dec, 2009] Technology
After reading this article, I realize I scary viruses can be. It makes me feel that I have to download as many anti-virus soft wares as possible, to avoid all of these deadly viruses.





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