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Friday, 11 Feb, 2011


Find Time in 37 Time-Zones with One Wristwatch

If you dream of travelling all over the world, Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has created the timepiece just for you. The Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch keeps its owner aware of the current time in 37 time-zones of the world. The list even includes the countries that have a half-hour or quarter-hour difference from Universal Coordinated Time (UCT).

The dial of the watch features the names of 37 cities, with cities having full time zones written in black, and the cities having half-hour or quarter-hour zones written in red. The day/night indication is also provided.

Despite its technical sophistication, the wristwatch is really user-friendly. The watch user has to select the reference time and place it opposite the black triangle positioned at 6 o’clock. This way he reads off the time in the reference city with help of the hour hand, or the 24-hour disc. And the time in other 36 cities is also readable.


Thursday, 03 Feb, 2011


New Skeleton Watch from Cartier

World-famous watchmaker Cartier has introduced a unique timepiece, sophisticated both aesthetically and technically. The skeleton watch boasts the movement bridges created in the shape of Arabic numerals on the watch dial. It represents an original union of solids and spaces.

The Arabic numerals 3, 9 and 12 feature black transfers. The glance is also caught by the flying tourbillon carriage found at 6 o'clock.

The Pasha de Cartier Skeleton Flying Tourbillon watch accommodates a manual-winding movement constructed from 175 parts.

The 42 mm case is rendered in 18K white gold. It is coupled with a black alligator skin strap. The timepiece is limited to 100 pieces.


Wednesday, 02 Feb, 2011


Wristwatches with Real Butterflies

Swiss watchmaking company Artya created an absolutely unique collection of handmade wristwatches. The watch faces are embellished with wings of real butterflies.

The wings are arranged in original colorful collages. The collection is called "Farfalla", an Italian word for “butterfly”.

It is not so easy to place butterfly wings on a dial of a timepiece, so the Artya watchmakers developed a special technique for the creation of the collection.

It should be mentioned that the creators used only post-mortem insects for their timepieces.


Friday, 21 Jan, 2011


Wristwatch with Four Amazing Meteorites

Believe it or not, but now you can wear a wristwatch that bears pieces of four rarest meteorites. The meteorites present four planets – Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon that are part of the 24-hour planetarium presented by the watch. The horological wonder is named Astralis and created by Louis Moinet.

The meteorites incorporated by the Astralis watch are the following:

- an authentic extremely rare meteorite from Mars - Jiddat al Harasis 479.

- the world's most precious meteorite - Sahara 99555, actually about 4 billion 566 million years old.

- amazingly beautiful Itqiy meteorite that formed close to the sun.

- an extremely rare lunar meteorite - Dhofar 459.

In case you haven’t been impressed by the meteorites, Astralis boasts a unique combination of timekeeping complications, including a tourbillon and a split-second column-wheel chronograph.


Tuesday, 28 Dec, 2010


Uniquely Designed Steampunk Watch

Another uniquely designed wristwatch - the Romain Jerome Steampunk watch. The amazing watch is limited to 2,012 pieces available at an amazing price of 12,500 Swiss Francs.

The steel 50mm case catches the glance by its oxidized metal bezel. The "X" motif of the claws matches the dial screws inspired by steam engine pistons. Two oversized Roman numerals stand out by their scratched-up texture. The skeleton hour and minute hands look like an anchor.

One more original detail on the dial - the seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock features a ship-propeller-like hand.

The Steampunk watch is animated by a Swiss mechanical self-winding 23-jewel movement that provides a 42-hour power reserve.


Tuesday, 21 Dec, 2010


Cuervo y Sobrinos Pirata Complete Calendar Watch for Adventurers

The new Cuervo y Sobrinos Pirata Complete Calendar watch is a fine timekeeping companion for men who love adventures. It is limited to just 200 pieces.

The powerful 45 mm case is sculptured in titanium, steel and bronze. The case construction incorporates a massive winding crown and two charismatic chronograph pushers. The highly legible black dial contrasts nicely with a light-colored bezel.

The heart of the watch is a self-winding ETA Valjoux 7751 movement. It provides an impressive range of functions - besides hours, minutes and seconds, it powers a chronograph, date, month, day of the week and even a moon phase complication.


Monday, 20 Dec, 2010


USD250,000 Watch for Usher

If you were Usher, would you pay 250,000 US dollars for a wristwatch with your portrait? This is exactly what the hip-hop star did! He simply enjoys wearing showy accessories at public.

Tiret, a New York based jeweler and watchmaker, created a unique wristwatch for the celebrity. The timepiece, with an oblong oval case, sparkles with 1106 white and yellow diamonds and depicts User's portrait on the dial.

The wristwatch will keep User aware of time in two different time-zones.

The Usher watch is housed in a box that also serves as a humidor for 78 cigars.


Tuesday, 14 Dec, 2010


Wristwatch for Those Captured by the Moon

If you have always been fascinated by the shine of the Moon, your heart will be captured by the Sarpaneva Korona Moonshine watch created by Stepan Sarpaneva, a talented Finish watchmaker. The original moon face, crafted from silver or 18K gold, occupies the biggest part of the dial.

There are no conventional hands to indicate the time. They have been substituted by a skeletonised stainless steel hour wheel. A small arrow at 6 o'clock indicates the time.

The heart of the wristwatch is an automatic mechanical movement. The 25-jewel movement gives an advantage of a 42-hour power reserve.

The case of the Korona Moonshine is sculptured from stainless steel, 18K red or white gold. It is 50-meter water-resistant.


Monday, 06 Dec, 2010


Memento-Mori Wristwatch

The Accurate watch introduced by Mr. Jones Watches delivers a clear message to its owner. Remember, you will die say the hour hand and hands.

The creators of the timepiece want the watch's owner keep in mind that the life is short and we should value every moment of it.

The stainless steel case of the Accurate watch is presented on a black leather strap featuring white stitching.

The 50-meter water-resistant timepiece is equipped with a reliable quartz movement.


Friday, 03 Dec, 2010


Wristwatch to Teach You Appreciate Your Time

Those who suffer from a bad habit of wasting one time will surely love The Hour watch created by Mr Jones Watches. Record-breaking cyclist Graeme Obree participated in the creation of the wristwatch.

The watch shows off each hour marked by a different word bearing some special meaning. The creators of the timepiece wanted to help its wearers make the most of each hour and perceive each hour as a unit of time to be, do or think in a special way.

The words are presented via a slot on the dial.


Wednesday, 01 Dec, 2010


Unique Wristwatch Inspired by Ancient Indian Calendar

Swiss watchmaking company Borgeaud has created a unique wristwatch based on three thousand years of astronomical observation performed by the Southern Indians. The timepiece, named Septagraph, also reflects a few centuries of experience of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

The idea of the Septagraph has been inspired by the Indian calendar called Panchang. The calendar is used by millions of people all over the world to analyze their birth chart, the right time for some important event to take place and making predictions. The wristwatch boasts a unique Seven-Day Complication that shows a daily 90-minute period to be devoted to reflection before action.

The 46 mm case of the watch is sculptured in rose or white gold. It is 50-meter water-resistant.


Friday, 26 Nov, 2010


Famous Merman Wears Iceman I Wristwatch

Christian Redl, a famous merman, has become the new ambassador of Swiss watchmaking brand Edox. The merman will be wearing the brand's new Limited Edition Iceman I watch.

The timepiece, limited to just 700 pieces, animated by an automatic movement, provides 1000-meter water-resistance. Featuring black PVD coating, the case of the watch is built with a rotating black ceramic bezel. It is presented on a stylish rubber strap.

Christian Redl is one of the best free-divers of his generation. Christian is especially famous for his longest ever swim under ice (100 meters).


Wednesday, 24 Nov, 2010


Dandy Watch Paying Tribute to Chopin

The Chaumet Dandy Metronome Edition watch, limited to just 100 pieces, pays tribute to the 200th anniversary of Frederic Chopin.

The elegant watch, sculptured in white gold, incorporates a unique complication - the one metronomic second. At 6 o'clock, you will notice the small seconds hand moving from right to left in a trapezoid window. The complication is powered by the same pendulum movement as a metronome.

The Dandy watch demonstrates three colors. The dial and the strap are created in ivory white and onyx black - the colors suggested by piano keys. The blue color of the second hand represents the brand's historical color, also suggested by Chopin's outstanding sensitivity, called the "blue note".


Thursday, 18 Nov, 2010


Swiss Wristwatch of Supreme Luminosity

Swiss watch brand Luminox presents its new Atacama Field Day-Date watch created in the signature military style and fitted with the brand's famous Luminox Light Technology - LLT. The LLT tubes provide extreme brightness, thus contributing to the supreme legibility of the dial.

The white hour-markers, light-toned numerals and steel hands clearly stand out against the dark background of the dial shielded by a high-grade sapphire crystal.

The new Luminox watch, animated by a Swiss-made Ronda 517 quartz movement, provides a range of functions, including hours, minutes, seconds, as well as day and date.

The 42mm case is sculptured in gun-metal PVD-coated stainless steel. The timepiece is 200-meter water-resistant.


Tuesday, 16 Nov, 2010


Discover Reliable Edox Iceman I Watch

The Edox Iceman I watch is a mixture of reliable timekeeping and eye-catching design. It is limited to 600 pieces.

The 43mm case is crafted in stainless steel featuring black PVD coating. It is presented on a black salt-water-resistant rubber strap. The timepiece is 1000-meter water-resistant. The case incorporates a helium security valve and a black rotating ceramic bezel. The watch dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment.

The black carbon dial catches the glance by orange and white hands and markings.

The heart of the timepiece is the automatic Edox 96 calibre.


Thursday, 11 Nov, 2010


French Spiderman Climbs Tallest Observation Wheel

Alain Robert, famous as the French Spiderman, has performed a new exploit - he climbed the tallest observation wheel in the world. The panoramic Ferris wheel in Singapore boasts the height of 165 meters - this is the height of a 44-storey building. The climb took the French Spiderman just 45 minutes.

The French Spiderman climbed more than 80 skyscrapers around the globe. The climber doesn't usually use any ropes or karabiners while performing his feats. Before he started climbing the tallest buildings, Alain Robert was a professional cliff climber.

Swiss watchmaker Zenith presented Alain Robert with its chronograph wristwatch to accompany the climber during his latest feat.


Tuesday, 09 Nov, 2010


Wristwatches to Pay Tribute to Ayrton Senna

November 3, 2010 would have brought the 50th birthday of the legendary Brazilian driver - Ayrton Senna. Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot has created two exclusive limited edition timepieces to pay tribute to Ayrton Senna.

The eye-catching Hublot King Power Ayrton Senna and King Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna watches are sculptured from materials used in Formula 1. The cases are rendered in carbon fiber and incorporate ceramic bezels. The holes featured by the bezels are inspired by an F1 brake disk. The cases are presented on straps from Nomex, the material used for F1 drivers' suits.

The sapphire crystals of both timepieces demonstrate Ayrton Senna's signature in yellow.

The King Power Tourbillon Ayrton Senna watch, limited to just 10 units, shows off a commemorative engraving on the case-back. Each engraving is different, being suggested by one of 10 brightest moments in the driver's career.


Monday, 08 Nov, 2010


Emerson Fittipaldi Wristwatch

Emerson Fittipaldi, a real legend of motor-racing and Formula One World Champion, now has a wristwatch devoted to his personality and his successes. The champion has personally participated in designing of the timepiece.

The case of the new TW Steel Emerson Fittipaldi watch, 45mm or 48mm in diameter, is rendered in high-grade stainless steel and provided with black PVD-coating. The case construction is 100-meter water-resistant.

The watch catches the glance by bright yellow accents suggested by Brazil's national flag. You will notice Emerson Fittipaldi's name featured in yellow on the tachymeter scale. The time is indicated by yellow hands. The side of the case is fitted with yellow pillars.

The heart of the timepiece is a Chrono movement that measures time to 1/20th of a second.


Thursday, 04 Nov, 2010


Deepika Padukone Wears Tissot

Deepika Padukone joined the Tissot family of ambassadors in December 2007.

The birth of the partnership coincided in time with the worldwide launch of the Bollywood movie "Om Shanti Om" that brought Deepika numerous prestigious awards.

The beautiful actress highly respects the outstanding Swiss heritage reflected by Tissot watches. The list of her favorite timepieces includes the Tissot T-Touch, the Tissot Classic Prince Diamonds and the Generosi-T watches. Deepika Padukone explains the secret of her remarkable success in a few simple words, "Love and enjoy everything you do and be happy with smaller things in life."


Wednesday, 03 Nov, 2010


Pocket Watch Survived 300 Years Underwater

A one-of-a-kind pocket watch, about 300-year-old, was found by a diver off the coast of Scotland. The timepiece was hidden amidst a 1653 shipwreck.

The diver handed over the pocket watch to the National Museum of Scotland. After about 300 years spent underwater, the pocket watch looks like a rusty shell. Yet, the latest technique, X-ray computed tomography, allowed the researchers to discover some amazing details about the timepiece.

The most surprising thing about the old pocket watch is its mechanism that turned out to be nicely preserved inside the corroded body.


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