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Friday, 28 May, 2010


Artya Wristwatches - True Pieces of Art

Now you can wear an exclusive piece of art on your wrist - just drop a glance at Artya Artpiece 1/1 and Coup de foudre wristwatches. The dials of these timepieces, as true miniaturized paintings, have been created with help of 17 artistic techniques, representing a combination of collage, application of dyes and pigments, forging, etc.

The most amazing thing about Coup de foudre watches, with their name translated as “a bolt of lightning,” is that their cases were embossed, defaced, tortured and struck by lightning, implying 100,000 volts, 200,000 volts, 500,000 volts and even 1,000,000 volts!


Wednesday, 26 May, 2010


Ladoire Roller Guardian Time - Horological UFO

One more surprise from the world of Horology - a wristwatch nicknamed 'the UFO of watchmaking'. The Ladoire Roller Guardian Time watch got its nickname due to the unique shape of its case that resembles a pebble.

You will notice that the watch displays the time in a rather unusual way. The biggest black hand indicates the time in a second time zone, while three other small hands are fixed in place and show the time with help of disks rotating on ceramic ball bearings.

The Ladoire watch is animated by a Swiss automatic movement. It is available in titanium or in white gold and titanium.


Monday, 24 May, 2010


Wristwatch Inspired by Sliding Puzzle

The Hamilton Time Player is a uniquely designed wristwatch that allows its owner to play with its nine counters the way one plays with a sliding puzzle.

The titanium case of the watch, 48mm x 42 mm, is split into nine segments, with 8 of them filled with movable counters and one empty counter. The sliding-puzzle-like counters allow the watch wearer to set and measure time in the current location, and three other locations.

The current location is indicated by the brand’s logo. Three other locations are indicated by names of the cities of Dubai, New York and Tokyo in different colors. Other four counters represent individual dials created in colors matching their location. Even if time-reading seems bamboozling with this watch at the first glance, no doubt it is absolutely original!


Thursday, 13 May, 2010


New Innovation - Crown-less Wristwatch

The latest invention of the Horology World is a mechanical wristwatch without a winding crown. The crown has been substituted by a black button positioned at 4 o'clock.

The Marc Jenni Prologue watch incorporates the first ever lateral winding mechanism with a black ring framing the middle part of the case construction.

You can rotate the ring in either direction to wind the watch, set the date and the time. To choose the necessary function, you simply press the black button.

The case of the watch is sculptured in white or rose gold. It is 30-meter water-resistant.


Monday, 10 May, 2010


Wristwatch for Iron Man 2

The ultra-complicated Jaeger-LeCoultre Amvox 3 Tourbillon GMT watch is the choice of billionaire techno-hero Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2 movie.

The design of the watch has been inspired by Aston Martin cars. The timepiece, limited to 300 pieces, offers innovative features and utmost performance.

The 44mm ceramic case of Tony Stark’s watch is characterized by outstanding hardness and scratch resistance. The perforated dial reveals parts of the sophisticated tourbillon movement beating inside.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch goes on comfortable strap in perforated black calfskin leather with white overstitching.


Wednesday, 05 May, 2010


Frog Wristwatch

Even a frog can inspire modern watchmakers for creation of a unique high-end watch. As reflected by its name, Horological Machine No3 Frog has been inspired by this very amphibian.

The Frog watch will immediately make you think of the protruding eyes of a frog. Its bulbous domes make the time easily readable from many angles with no need to turn one’s wrist. The aluminum domes rotate under sapphire crystals.

The case of the watch is crafted in lightweight high-tech titanium.

The face of the watch catches attention by its blue or green battle-axe winding rotor sculptured in gold and the intricate components of the movement beating inside.


Tuesday, 04 May, 2010


Another Super Complicated Wristwatch

Considering a variety of super complicated wristwatches available on the market today, it seems that simple watches are gradually falling into oblivion.

More and more complications – this is obviously the slogan of modern watchmakers. The new Maitres du Temps Chapter One Round is no exception. The sophisticated timepiece boasts a groundbreaking combination of complications - retrograde date, retrograde GMT, mono-pusher chronograph, tourbillon, and two rolling bars for showing the day of the week and phase of the moon. This impressive range of functions does not interfere with the dial’s legibility.

The timekeeping creation, limited to just 11 pieces, belongs to two highly respected master watchmakers - Peter Speake-Marin and Christophe Claret.


Friday, 30 Apr, 2010


Wristwatches Inspired by Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds with their amazingly bright plumage have inspired a whole collection of luxurious watches. Named the Lady Arpels Extraordinary Hummingbirds, the collection has been created by the watchmaking house of Van Cleef and Arpels.

The watch dials depict the birds searching for nectar and collecting pollen from flowers. Three different techniques have been used while creating the timepieces – gem-setting, champleve enamelling, and three-dimensional enameling.

The Hummingbirds watches, equipped with reliable mechanical movements, demonstrate 38 mm cases rendered in white gold and sparkling with scintillating round diamonds.


Wednesday, 28 Apr, 2010


Luxurious Watch for Any Sports Activity

Sports watches become more and more functional these days. Now watchmakers think it is not enough to equip a sports watch with a chronograph function that allows to measure and record intervals of time. They create sports watches with such watchmaking complications as a moon phase and a complete calendar.

The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Complete Calendar Moon Phase Flyback Chronograph watch is one of the brightest examples of the kind.

The watch incorporates all the functions mentioned above and boasts remarkable water-resistance down to 300 meters, so it’s a perfect timekeeping companion for any water sports, and diving in particular. The design of the watch is also really appealing – the 45mm stainless steel case is presented with a blue sapphire unidirectional bezel and a blue dial.


Monday, 26 Apr, 2010


Wristwatch that Shows Time with Belts

Nothing is impossible in the world of modern watchmaking - now we witness the birth of a wristwatch that displays the time with help of a unique interwoven system of belts - the Devon Tread 1 watch. The design of the smart watch has been suggested by industrial conveyor belts and motorcycles.

The belts are just 2/1,000 of an inch thick. Their movement is animated by four tiny microstep motors powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable cell.

If you are still not quite impressed by this innovative watch, you should know it is bullet-proof and its approximate price is 15, 000 US dollars.


Friday, 23 Apr, 2010


Wristwatch Inspired by Volcano Eruption

Would you enjoy wearing a wristwatch inspired by an eruption of a powerful volcano? Some crazy watch collector would probably be thrilled by the idea.

Romain Jerome created a watch that commemorates the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

The first glance at the watch reveals it’s a piece of art and proves that true art knows no boundaries. The most striking thing about the Eyjafjallajokull-DNA watch is not only that its dial shows hot lava bubbles at any moment ready to unleash the volcano’s full power. The dial actually incorporates ash and rock taken right from the volcano.


Wednesday, 21 Apr, 2010


Wristwatch to Demonstrate Unique Luminescent Festival

The Volnatomic Liquid Tourbillon is a complicated wristwatch powered by the movement with the design inspired by the interior of ballistic missile nuclear submarines. What is special about this watch is the fact that its movement contains a liquid element.

The daring watch features two "tanks" found at 8 and 10 o’clock filled with a blue-colored fluid.

You will notice a range of yellow-colored movement parts provided with superluminova pigments.

The most interesting thing happens in the darkness - the watch presents an amazing luminescent show, at once demonstrating a crime scene, emergency exit and radiation danger signs.


Tuesday, 20 Apr, 2010


Wristwatches to Warn about Nuclear Danger

Would you dare to wear a watch that reveals the concept of nuclear danger like an original warning signal to be worn on the wrist? The watch catches the glance by its black and yellow color codes.

The idea of creating these unusual timepieces belongs to Yvan Arpa, the designer of most unusual watches ever.

The black dial of the Volna Volnatomic Radioactive Yellow watch features a toxic skull atomic symbol and emergency exit signs, while the dial of the Radioactive Black watch is composed of alternating black and yellow sectors.

The case of both models is rendered in 316 steel and coupled with a genuine rubber strap. The watches are equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement providing a 42-hour power reserve.


Wednesday, 14 Apr, 2010


Wristwatch Built from Real Dinosaur Bones

You have probably already heard about wristwatches that incorporate space rocks or rare old rocks. But what about a watch with a face from fragments of authentic dinosaur bones?

Watchmaking house Louis Moinet is the best expert in these kinds of things. Its new Jurassic Tourbillon watch has the dial created from real fossilized dinosaur bones. The color and veining of the bones withstood a thorough preservation process.

The watch, limited to just 12 pieces, demonstrates a 47mm white gold case. It accommodates a sophisticated tourbillon movement. The bezel and horns of the watch are paved with baguette diamonds.


Tuesday, 13 Apr, 2010


Space Sensation Watch Created by Mira

The watchmaking company Mira was named after the star discovered in 1596 by an amateur Dutch astronomer. The name of the star and the company is translated as "wonderful".

The Space Sensation watch is inspired by the syzygy that represents an alignment of celestial bodies that are found on the same gravitational axis.

The watch is equipped with a self-winding movement animating the functions of hours, retrograde minutes and seconds. The polished and satin-finished stainless steel 42mm case is 50-meter water-resistant and coupled with a black crocodile leather strap.

The zest of the Mira watch is an amazing black or opaline guilloche dial.


Tuesday, 06 Apr, 2010


Magic World of Circus on Wristwatch Face

If you are fond of going to the circus, you will be really pleased by the Ulysse Nardin Circus Minute Repeater watch. The aventurine dial of the timepiece reveals a superbly animated circus scene that features six figures in 18K white gold.

As soon as you activate the minute repeater lever, the monkey on the dial meddles into the ballgame of the clown as an original way to indicate the hour chiming.

As for the quarters, they are indicated when the trainer with the whip comes to the tiger. The magic continues – indicating the minutes, the tiger stretches its paw.


Friday, 12 Mar, 2010


Timepiece Inspired by Arachnids

The Urwerk Mexican Fireleg watch is actually inspired by the world of arachnids. The charismatically designed timepiece catches the glance by its unconventional time display. It is arranged with special satellites positioned on Geneva crosses. The satellites indicate the hours, while the minutes are indicated on an bottom scale. The perfect legibility of the dial is explained by orange Superluminova coating on the hour and minute markers.

The back side of the watch is also created to surprise as it demonstrates a control panel with the power reserve display, as well as a 15-minute and seconds setting dial.


Thursday, 11 Mar, 2010


Aviation-Inspired Radar Wristwatch

Bell & Ross has recently introduced a new aviation-inspired wristwatch - the BR 01-92 Radar watch.

The watch stands out due to its original time display. With concentrically oriented discs with their brightly colored line segments on the dial you get an absolutely easy-to-read layout. This unusual design has been suggested by an aircraft radar featuring hypnotic light beam.

The 46mm case is crafted from stainless steel. The winding crown is really comfortable to grip. The case, presented on a durable rubber strap, boasts 100-meter water-resistance.

The watch is limited to just 500 pieces.


Friday, 05 Mar, 2010


Wristwatch Devised Specially for Sailors

The new Tissot Sailing Touch watch a true godsend for sailors. Simply touching the dial, you get to the amazing variety of functions provided by the tactile wrist-instrument.

To keep the sailor aware of the weather conditions, the watch incorporates a histogram of the six previous hours and a special function for measuring relative air pressure. One more advantage of the model is a calculator for the tides in the port of destination.

For regattas, the Tissot watch offers the countdown function for the extremely important ten minutes prior the start of the race.


Wednesday, 03 Mar, 2010


Wristwatch to Honor FC Barcelona

The new Chopard limited edition watch honors the FC Barcelona - the football club that managed to win every major tournament it took part in.

Each FC Barcelona player was presented with the brand's commemorative watch during an exclusive cocktail party held at the Chopard Boutique located in Barcelona.

The new Chopard 1000 Miglia GT XL Speed Black FC Barcelona watch has a 44mm case sculptured in DLC blackened steel and presented on a natural black rubber strap. The watch accommodates a chronograph movement, the high precision of which is approved by the COSC-chronometer certificate.


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