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I'm greatly interested in news, science, psychology, health and personal relationship in particular. Not having enough time for TV, I like exploring on-line news.

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Eating Junk Food is a Hard-to-Break Habit
[15 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
Junk food often seems tastier than healthy food. Most children like junk food and dislike vegetables ... it's better to keep them away from junk food at all but they see others eating junk food and want it too
Fast Food Can Make You Dumb
[15 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
It's no surprize - if your body's health suffers from fast food, your mental health surely suffers, too.
Latest Invention: Liquid Condom Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses
[15 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
It seems to be very handy!
Living Together Before Marriage Can Lead to Divorce
[15 Jan, 2010] Offbeat
I have always thought that moving in together before getting married is a good idea - it's the shortest way to know each other better. Have never thought it can lead to divorce

[15 Jan, 2010]
Sex is an effective way to fight distress I would say
Gossip Makes Women Healthier and Happier
[15 Jan, 2010] Offbeat
Men like gossips too! It really works - when I meet my friends and we gossip a little - you can gossip about possitive things too, you know - I really feel better afrerwards!
Smiling Improves Women's Self Esteem and Appearance, Scientists Say
[15 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
When you feel gloomy, you simply look at yourself in the mirror and smile - and very soon you really feel better!
Toddlers Will Eat New Foods If They Look at Picture Books
[15 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
Even toddlers have their own eating habits and food preferances that are very difficult to change. I can't see why pictures of new food make them more "eager" to eat a new food if they just don't like the smell and taste!
Latest Invention: Washing Machine That Doesn't Need Water
[15 Jan, 2010] Technology
It seems to be a great idea! will it remove stains as effectively as traditional washers?
Sitting in Front of TV Increases the Risk or Stroke or Heart Attack by 80 Percent
[15 Jan, 2010] Health & Fitness
It is abolutely clear that watching TV will not improve your health. Yet you get positive emotions while watching some exciting movie or program. How much time is ok for every day watching?

[13 Oct, 2008]
I've recently read in the news that Holly Madison, one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends, is going to leave him as she wants to get married and have children. Quite a natural intention for a woman. But I don't believe it will make Hefner suffer, as he mentioned in one of the interviews, as Holly Madison's position will immediately be taken by some other spicy girl. Do his girlsfriends have any education I wonder? When they get older, they will have to do something else for a living...
Men are Simply not Programmed to Resist the Temptation, Study Says
[16 Jul, 2008] Science
I think all these studies prove nothing. It's not a matter of being 'programmed' … I think everything depends on a man's inner world and what he really values - hot sex with a stranger or honesty and commitment. Both men and women pay attention to attractive strangers of the opposite sex but what they do next depends on how much devoted they are to their relationship and probably how much satisfied physically, mentally and spiritually they are with the current relationship. Can a man flirt and interact with another woman and still be committed to his girlfriend or wife?
Alien Video to be Shown to the Media
[30 May, 2008] Offbeat
My boss says all women are aliens from some far-away planet.. Does this very alien on the video resemble a woman, I wonder? At least, it knows how to blink.. flirting, my boss would say :))
A Huge Telescope Allows to See from London to New York
[23 May, 2008] Technology
Great idea! How much time did it take them to construct such an amazing thing? I would like to have my personal telescope to see what my boyfriend is doing when he is in another part of the world, many miles away...
Woman Turned Her Pet Cat into Black Diamond
[21 May, 2008] Offbeat
How much did she pay for the diamond I wonder? No doubt pots of money
Samurai Swords to be Banned in UK
[16 Jan, 2008] Offbeat
What about collectors of samurai swords and those who practice martial arts with katanas? Do they have to quit things they are passionate about just because another stupid ban? It is impossible to ban everything that may be somehow used to harm other people. There are much more dangerous things than samurai swords. Those who collect katanas or hold them for practice believe that a sword has a soul. I just can's imagine they will agree to the ban.

[10 Sep, 2007]
I think both men and women react not at separate parts of the body but at the whole picture they see and feel, it's is important to have all fragments of your image and personality united in harmony. Then, you will attract other people no matter of your age or sizes...
British Cybercrooks Moving at One-Crime per 10 Seconds Speed
[10 Sep, 2007] Technology
I'm not really an expert on the issue, but I/m sure these figures are going to grow as all the on-line security systems are developing slower than cybercrooks' talents. And if Britain faces difficulties with increasing number of cybercrimes, what about not so well-developed countries? I think the fight against cybercrimes will be successful only in case of close cooperation established among all the parties interested in the proper on-line safety.
A New Game to Make Your Face Look Happier
[05 Sep, 2007] Technology
I like the idea! Is the game useful for face muscles, I wonder? Maybe it will help ladies in fighting wrinkles? If the game was developed by a beauty expert, it will no doubt make female faces look nicer and friendlier... it's a kind of psychological game, I guess...even if you are in your blues, you start playing and gradually, looking at funny faces you are making, you start to feel better and better:)
Fake Nature of a Rolex is Hidden in Details
[04 Sep, 2007] Offbeat
Even if you think it' great there are people faking Rolex, why not no feel respectful towards the producers of authentic watches? They put a lot of work into their creations! And if you think Rolex watches are over-priced and 'are becoming a joke in the real world where people are starving', these are not the only amazingly expensive things one may buy just to match one's social status. Anyway, I'm sure Rolex deserves respect and admiration even if you are owning a fake one.
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