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Chocolate - Really Addictive?
[29 Feb, 2008] Health & Fitness
Ah chocolate is one of my greatest vices. Milk chocolate is the favourite? My favourite is dark. I wonder what other foods contain similar compounds to chocolate?
New Cell Phone Application to Discourage Gropers
[29 Feb, 2008] Technology
What a unique idea. I would really like to see this in action . I wonder how the men react when they see these messages. It's a good way to simply tell the 'groper' to 'get lost'.
Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
[29 Feb, 2008] Science
Ah, this may not be a brilliant idea, I'm not exactly a fan of death, but some people who are a threat to society living that long... think how messed up the world would get. Also just because it applies to yeast... it might be a bit hopeful to think it can apply to humans. As for replacing organs of humans… if everyone is living for such a long time, where will you find the spare organs? If scientists develop artificial organs... wouldn’t human beings become mere fragments of themselves... it would be like becoming a zombie... or a sort of Frankenstein. Interesting idea, if successful then good luck with the controversy. I personally believe armageddon is coming before this is put into practice... but thats just me :p





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