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Samurai Swords to be Banned in UK
[27 Mar, 2008] Offbeat
This is a stupid idea brought about by unenlightened people. Banning Samurai swords is not going to stop anything. Just as your handgun ban has not. These laws merely serve to punish the law abiding citizens of your country. Freedom is the key issue that a better britain seems to be missing. He strikes me as the sort who thinks he has everything figured out, is the only source of intelligence in any room he occupies, and thumbs his nose at all of the "less fortunates" An Ebenezzer Scrouge of thought if you will. To the other lad who posted "handgun availability will lead to increased handgun violence" is mistaken. Take my countries Washington D.C. that has the most stringent anti-gun laws anywhere in the U.S. and the death rate from handguns is higher then anywhere. However, those states who have enacted "right-to-carry" laws have seen sharp declines in handgun violence. When my father was young, living in Texas, everyone carried a gun, and there was limited handgun violence, B&E's, or the like. Paranoid dogooders affraid of their own shadow attempting to make THEIR world a safer place actually just endanger the rest of us.





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