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Sex in Space Possible but Problematic
[26 Oct, 2008] Science
have you seen the astronauts in any aerospace program? the don't make you want to have sex. as to studying sex in space, schedule sexy asstronauts to take flight, put them up for extended durations, give them plus things to sit on or in or whatever, and get back to sexy innuendos, it won't happen unless you seduce the brain of the other. then let nature take its course, you don't need straps and all that stuff, that sounds like sado-masachism in space to me. somebody at nasa has a fetish and obviously wants to get it into space. you have to also consider that most astronauts are nerds, it will take more than 3 years for a nerd to mate with another nerd. they are going to need blondes and jealous brunettes up there. they also need to change uniforms when not suited up to what they wore in the original star trek. man those are hot uniforms, you can see hiney, legs, cleavage and for the guys well, what woman can resist seeing a hot throbbing penis under the trousers. woot. not to mention how the guy looks when his shirt gets ripped. reminds of that time when cpt. kirk was ... hubba bubba. Have we really run out of real science? Haven't they heard of masturbation devices? dear god... bah humbug!





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