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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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And the Winner of Oxford Dictionary's 2009 Word of the Year Is .... Unfriend
[17 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
I'd add:

Netbook - the term refers to a VERY small, portable laptop, manufactured and used mainly to access the Internet.
The World's Oldest Woman Dies at Age 117
[13 Nov, 2009] Current Events
unbelievable! people cannnot live that long! on the other hand, as far as I know, Yakutia is one of the most clean regions of Russia - there are snow, cold weather and lot and lot of work to do.. so there's no time for cell phones, TV, radioation, alchohol, tobbacco, and other stuff that kills.. slowly but confidently
New Recycling Plant to Convert Diapers to Power
[13 Nov, 2009] Current Events
Huh! this is an idea! if the Germans use animal "organic waste" (read shit), so why can't we use our own "organic wastes". anyways I'm always FOR making KNO waste and FOR recycling... let's go GREEEN!
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of October 2009
[13 Nov, 2009] Science
2. System that Produces Electricity From Asphalt - there was some similar experiment, where scientists tried to generate electricity from the vibrations of the street, which appeared from myriads of people walking it. quite useful could be(r) - master Yoda! :)
Researchers Hope to Create Genetic Zoo With 10,000 Species
[05 Nov, 2009] Science
This is a pretty much usefull thing! yet on the other hand, what if the scientists try tu ressurect the tiranosaur rex, which will escape the cage 100%... what will we have then? Godzilla?
Richest Woman in Russia Seeks State's Help
[03 Nov, 2009] Politics
that's a great way to do business! you marry the mayor of the city, where you are going to operate, and that's it... you have a lobbyist in the citys' government...

"Hey! I said let her work!" shouted the mayor on the government's session and the firm anihilated the kindergarden for a beatiful shopping mall... (this dialogue is my fictional story, but who knows.. maybe it did take place)
Playing Music Changes the Brain's Anatomy, Making You Smarter
[03 Nov, 2009] Science
if this is true I don't understand how some music makes people smarter... for example, gangsta-rap - it has rhythm, it sounds great, but take a look at the lyrics
Do you think unconditional love has nothing to do with romantic or sexual love?
[03 Nov, 2009] Hot Discussions
I have something to say... again!

unconditional love will save the world! The 5th element is right - love is solely the thing, which deserves to be saved on earth. only love is keeping us alive. as soon as we start hating and stop loving - we're dead. It's going to be just a matter of time.
Latest Invention: Software That Automatically Repairs the System Affected by Malware
[03 Nov, 2009] Technology
sounds pretty much like AI... and a fairy tale. software, which will "decide", "detect errors" and "generate patches" requires huge work, I think: there should be analysed millions of cases of malicious software attacks, all of the cases should be solved and then an algorythm should be worked out, which would unite all of the cases under several rules. HUGE WORK!
Futuristic Pavilion Can Float to Other Cities Like a Vessel
[03 Nov, 2009] Environment
anyways, looks pretty futuristic. something like I've seen in the first episode of starwars, when the two jedais dived deep into the ocean, where there were those frog-like creatures.
Futuristic Pavilion Can Float to Other Cities Like a Vessel
[03 Nov, 2009] Environment
Yes, It IS
Tramadol - Drug-like Painkiller
[03 Nov, 2009] Health & Fitness
Yes, I heard about these pills, but they are very dangerous.
Arabian Fairy Tales Come to Life in 1001 Hotel
[30 Oct, 2009] Offbeat
Great piece of architecture! don't undesratd how they could have missed it in the news
Do you think Angelina Jolie really is the most powerful celebrity?
[30 Oct, 2009] Hot Discussions
don't you love angelina just as much as I do? people! let's talk about angelina! maybe about brad pitt to... come on!
Latest Invention: Touchscreen Software that Allows Surfing Through Time and Space
[30 Oct, 2009] Technology
very amazing invention! i wish there were more of these! thanks for the video!
Futuristic Pavilion Can Float to Other Cities Like a Vessel
[30 Oct, 2009] Environment
wow! a very beautiful thing! I wonder where the designers found their inspiration for this beauty ?!
Researchers Claim to Have Broken the Speed of Light
[22 Oct, 2009] Science
fascinating! :) I don't think I'll be able to catch the moment when people will be traveling faster than the speed of light, but I'd be very happy if you actually could!
Best Prescription Eyeglasses for Your Health and Beauty
[12 Oct, 2009] Press-releases
I've bought glasses for my grnadparent via this site. they're good in this business. pretty much time already, so very trustworthy.
Bug tracking, wiki and other dev tools on your fingertips!
[12 Oct, 2009] Press-releases
yeap, I used this software in my developments.. works pretty cool!
Do you think Angelina Jolie really is the most powerful celebrity?
[06 Oct, 2009] Hot Discussions
@ admin & manojfdo
hey, why are you making the a junk of the page about one of the most beautiful women on earth? let's discuss angelina and not why some guy can't post articles!
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