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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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Japans to Build 21 Billion Dollar Solar Space Station
[08 Sep, 2009] Technology
wow! this would be absolutely fantastic, to have all of our energy coming from space! imagine! no more power plants emitting thousands of tons of harmful vapors into antmosphere! on the other hand though, what about the solar light stopped 36,000 km above the earth? If the Japans succeed, it means that a campain will start to promote the new solar energy station, there will be billions spent both to lobby the deployment and to stagger it (if there is still Uraniun down here on earth, it is going to be still profitable to gain energy from it) and if the major governments will start deploying such stations, aren't they going to cover the earth from sun light? i mean, it's 4 sq km!!! how about agriculture, plants, nature, sunbathing and walking outside on a sunny day? quite a provocative question
Six-year-old Prodigy Creates Amazing Watercolour Paintings
[08 Sep, 2009] Offbeat
i'm not good at art, paintings and stuff, but it's pretty impressive for a 6-year old. I'll agree with anon that in a few years he'll be painting some stuff that'll "blow you off"... or he'll just meet a drug dealer and start sniffing and will ruin his talent
Nazi Stealth Aircraft (World's First Stealth Fighter) Re-Constructed
[08 Sep, 2009] Technology
yes, I agree that germans did a huge contribution to the technology. it was a major boost in science, development and technology. well, it was war going on and the war is the best cathalyst for science and technoloby. look around you! everything surrounding us today is the result of military developments a few years or several decades ago. I'm sure there's till much much more that's been already discovered but the public isn't just ready for this yet. btw, think of the Internet! Whose idea was it? Who designed it? Who was it for? PENTAGON! Look what it is now.
Latest Invention: Liquid Condom Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses
[04 Sep, 2009] Health & Fitness
i'd like to see this thing :) what will it look like? like a toothpaste tube?
The ad for this condom would sound something like this:
"Honey, do you wear a condom? No?! Oh! That's not so bad, because I have my condom tube! Just pour it in an enjoy!" :)
Latest Invention: Liquid Condom Blocks HIV, Herpes, Papilloma Viruses
[04 Sep, 2009] Health & Fitness
@ me
the rating of what?
Latest Invention: The Smallest Laser in the World Created by US Researchers
[01 Sep, 2009] Technology
OH! Finally! you're back! and I thought 'were the heck are the guys with all the great news?!' are you ok out there?
BTW, the laser thing - quite interesting... in a few decades were' gonna use some pretty advanced technology in everyday life ('pretty advanced' - that's for today, and 'pretty damn slow' - for even farther future)
South Korea to Feature Green Super City
[01 Sep, 2009] Environment
as if people could actually see this thing from up there!
Latest Invention: Eco-friendly Driverless Vehicles
[14 Aug, 2009] Technology
well, they don't really look like the guys, who would fit this kind of car :)
Latest Invention: Eco-friendly Driverless Vehicles
[13 Aug, 2009] Technology
who are those freaks!!??
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of July 2009
[12 Aug, 2009] Technology
Device that Helps Dogs' Owners Understand Their Language - this one's should be pretty useful... i've been trying to figure out what my dog's been trying to say for long time, while kicking my friends ass on my PS3, but I understood only when I stepped into my pretty damn wet shoes, when the damn things was trying to tell me :)
F--king Told W--k to Cash In on the Town's Fame
[07 Aug, 2009] Offbeat
yeah, you should think twice before givig your town a name... you should, i think, translate it in as many landuages as possible to see if it doesn't mean something not pretty good.
Plants Enjoy Women's Voices More than Men's
[24 Jun, 2009] Science
I wonder if plants recognize recorded voices? if not, why not deploy some speakers all over the garden and put up so pleasant music or a woman reading an audiobook... loop it and there you have it... or do they already do so?
World's First Building to Convert Air into Clean Water
[15 Jun, 2009] Environment
wow! really amazing! isn't this still the farthest point of our science and technology? will we still go farther and farther?
and this buiding, I think it's going to be really amazing, when and if it's going to be done :)
Web 2.0 is Officially the Millionth Phrase in English Language
[11 Jun, 2009] Technology
amazing..... 1000000 words... I wonder, if we know at least 100k words?
Wednesday, 10 Jun, 2009

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Do you think Angelina Jolie really is the most powerful celebrity?

Angelina Jolie ranked first in the most popular and powerful celebrity list"With a rich collection of blockbuster movies and the media buzzing around, Angelina Jolie tops Forbes' 2009 list of the most powerful celebrities in the world, surpassing last year's most powerful celebrity Oprah Winfrey."

Why do you think the Forbes Magazine named specifically Angelina Jolie the most powerful celebrity? Did she deservingly get this top rank? We need your opinion!

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Former Inmate Sues Nurse Over Painful 55-hour Erection
[08 Jun, 2009] Offbeat
isn't it the world record?
Microsoft to Launch Redesigned Search Engine Bing
[01 Jun, 2009] Technology
it looks pretty good, but I think google's gone way too far from everyone else
Most Active User Contest
[15 May, 2009] Current Events
where do I sign? :)
Monday, 04 May, 2009


Inspiring Eco Ad Campaign: 1 Coach Bus for 50 Cars

Having the goal of motivating car drivers to take a coach bus, Acne, a Sweden-based advertising company, came up with a quite inspiring advertising campaign for an airport coach bus service called Flygbussarna.

The company built a bus from 50 wrecked vehicles. The bus resembles the original Flygbussarna coach bus and was placed near the main road that leads to the Stockholm airport.

With their installation, the Swedish company attempts to focus on the fact that 50 people can ride in a coach bus, while, in average, 1.2 people ride in a car. It is worth mentioning that a coach bus emits carbon less than 4 vehicles.

On the company's website visitors can watch live the installation and vehicles that drive by. In addition, you can see the amount of carbon that could have been saved if the drivers that passed the installation had taken a bus.

Here's the video that helps you get a better idea of Acne's advertising campaign:

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Analyzing Musical Preferences and Level of Intelligence
[13 Apr, 2009] Science
wonder why metallica is not on the list?
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