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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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Observe the Biggest Train Set in the World
[26 Mar, 2009] Offbeat
I've always admired people who have a clear goal in their lives... way to go, guys! I hope i could sometime visit Germany and take a look at this beautiful thing!
United Nations World Water Day on March 22
[22 Mar, 2009] Environment
Water is absolutely the most important thing, but simply praising it won't do much good, I think! Though it is also important, so that people know that there exists this problem of lack of water in some countries.
Dell Introduces World's Thinnest Laptop
[19 Mar, 2009] Technology
looks nice, but there's no way they can beat apple!!
Reimage - Remote Repairing System for Your Windows OS
[19 Mar, 2009] Technology
I've used ReImage for some time now and I'm totally satisfied with it!!
The Use of Formula 1 Innovations in the Real World
[07 Mar, 2009] Technology
nice collection! thanx!
Woman Becomes Mermaid thanks to Specialists from Weta
[02 Mar, 2009] Offbeat
to steve: agreed, but i don't think it's the most amazing, what the "industry" can do to kiasta: that IS weird, but look at it from the woman's side: she get's another chance in life.. moreover, she get's a chance to become something unique, what the world hasn't seen before. and I think she deserves much respect for her courage!
Two New Seasons to Make The Simpsons Longest TV Show in US
[02 Mar, 2009] Offbeat
that's great news, man!
Latest Invention: Flexible Electronic Books for a Better E-reading Experience
[25 Feb, 2009] Science
Oh, dumb me! :-) didn't get it from the first time :-) I thought it was going to be a book-shaped thing, but it's just a simple display for today's e-books...
Latest Invention: Flexible Electronic Books for a Better E-reading Experience
[25 Feb, 2009] Science
though... where is going to pull content from?? is there going to be a memory card (or some kind of other memory type) or is going to be used like a plain monitor to some gadget??
Latest Invention: Flexible Electronic Books for a Better E-reading Experience
[25 Feb, 2009] Science
awesome! look forward to looking how's it going to be like!
Thousands Fall for Weight-loss Chocolate Scam
[20 Feb, 2009] Offbeat
like taking candies from a baby: people always want to get something without making any efforts. when they hear promises of losing weight by eating, the certainly fall for it... WRONG!! go exercise, try eating less, and you'll get it!
The Impact of Energy Drinks on Health
[18 Feb, 2009] Hot Discussions
STEVE, I completely agree with you... although I don't think that all the students consume EDs only because they "study at night".. I think most of them just have to party all night and then they have to be in good shape for the classes... However, I'm sure many students try to combine partying and studying, so that they don't fall out with the lectures and still get some private life during the golden college years. I drink EDs, but very very and extremely seldom, only when I really need to wake up... and I need this especially after lunch, you know, when the food hits you like a hammer, and you just need to get a nap :) stay in shape, people!
The 2009 Stella Awards Reveals Most Shocking US Lawsuits
[17 Feb, 2009] Offbeat
//1, Spanner what're talking about? the link you gave leads to a 2001 list? what does it have to do with 2009?
Robotics to Help Patients Suffering from Severe Paralysis
[17 Feb, 2009] Science
"Experts suggest using timing systems to replicated natural blinking patterns. " I don't think this would be the solution for substituting natural blinking... I mean, we blink more frequently, when the environment requires it, when the air is try, probably, so that the eye remains wet.. and we blink more rarely when the surrounding humidity is high... to substitute natural blinking, the scientists will have to attach dozens of external sensors to transmit data about the environment to the muscle... but it's a great medical breakthrough nevertheless! sometimes I really regret that I won't live in 2300 to see what else the humanity will destroy the planet..
Scientists Discover Substance Harder than Diamond
[17 Feb, 2009] Science
what is it going to be good for? i mean where will those minerals be applied? in disassembly of things?
Surgeons Remove Healthy Kidney Through Vagina
[12 Feb, 2009] Health & Fitness
interesting thing... never thought that vagina could be used for such goals
Smallest Car in the World Travels Throughout London
[10 Feb, 2009] Offbeat
this flea looks just wonderful!!!
Energy Drinks Are Hazardous for Health
[06 Feb, 2009] Health & Fitness
i liked redbullvodka earlier, when I was younger... now i drink pure vodka only and it sucks!

[14 Jan, 2009]
Oh! I'd like to visit some of the lectures... see what they could teach me..

[10 Jan, 2009]
they should've sent Jenna in there!! :) or suggest a night with her... the congress would have given not only $5 billion, but their wives, children, homes and jobs for that opportunity
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