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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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Computer Games Help Youngsters Be More Social
[17 Sep, 2008] Science
well, it actually does make some kind of sense... thought some idiots go and kill people offline, after the offline victime had made a victim of the killer online... the offline revenge is harsher that the online revenge anyway!
Underwater Museum in Alexandria to Help Viewers Admire the Palace of Cleopatra
[17 Sep, 2008] Environment
that must be amazing! i'd really love visiting it!
Russian President Orders Cease Fire in Georgia
[12 Aug, 2008] Politics
thank GOD they stopped!
Georgia Crisis: Genocide or War for Integrity?
[12 Aug, 2008] Politics
In Russia there are people, who call the refugees from South Ossetia to their homes in the neighboring regions. People, whose shelter was destroyed by the bombings are counted by tens of thousands of people... this is mean..
Georgia Crisis: Genocide or War for Integrity?
[11 Aug, 2008] Politics
great compilation of the press-releases... the questions is whom to believe?
2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing Officially Opened
[08 Aug, 2008] Current Events
yahoo!!!! (this is not an ad!! :) I'm just happy!) I'm gonna stick to the TV when the swimmers start their competition... Whah sport are you going to watch?
Bangkok Teenager Kills Taxi Driver to See If It's As Easy As In GTA
[07 Aug, 2008] Offbeat
to Art3Zero of course it doesn't take a video game for a guy to kill people, but it makes him want to try it in the reality (this is not about everyone though).. imagine, that there's a guy, who knows he's a bit violant and he knows it and he tries to suppress this feeling of violence.. but then, at a moment, he plays sth like the GTA, where they kill everyone around, without a motive (or there is a motive - steal a car )... I think such games just wake up the wilds in us, and the wildest of us go out on the street to try all of the 'game'-stuff for real...
Bangkok Teenager Kills Taxi Driver to See If It's As Easy As In GTA
[04 Aug, 2008] Offbeat
"After the incident a Thai distributor of video games decided to stop the sales of "Grand Theft Auto"." Well, actually, as soon as I saw this game for the fisrt time, I was kinda wondering how come they've let this game into public... and now, here's the first victim!
Boy Escapes Alligator by Poking it in the Eye
[31 Jul, 2008] Current Events
thank God the boy is safe now... how come the boys were never taught that they shouldn't play in the waters where alligators live?
Total Solar Eclipse Starts August 1st 2008
[30 Jul, 2008] Current Events
I've seen a solar eclipse once back in 2000 - gorgeous view!
Russian Scientists Reached the Bottom of World's Deepest Lake
[29 Jul, 2008] Science
hey, I've been once there - it's an absolutely fantastic place! I reommend a visit to everyone!
Beijing is Ready for Sex Tests for Olympic Athletes
[28 Jul, 2008] Current Events
"In 2006 Asian Games officials retracted silver medal from an Indian athlete, Santhi Soundarajan, who failed a sex verification test." judjes didn't see his d*ck coming out of the pants, or what???
Blasts of Magnetic Energy Between the Earth and the Moon Illuminate Skies
[26 Jul, 2008] Science
i love space! everything that happens up there is so beautifully amazing and misterious for us!
Woman Accused of Cutting Unborn Baby from Mother's Womb
[21 Jul, 2008] Current Events
crazy!!!! and yet cruel to her...
Cheap Chargers - How Expensive Can That Be?
[19 Jul, 2008] Current Events
so I guess you've got the hell of a luck, alex!
Cheap Chargers - How Expensive Can That Be?
[19 Jul, 2008] Current Events
well, I don't think this is a mere UK problem. Made-in-China things are a global now and it's not only about chargers. its about almost every piece of electronics you've got in your house: it's either made in China, Taiwan or Singapore, and almost everything is falling appart after a few uses
Saturday, 19 Jul, 2008

Current Events

Cheap Chargers - How Expensive Can That Be?

Unsafe Charger DE262347066
Courtesy of BBC.CO.UK
The UK Trading Standards officers are concerned of the fact that hundreds of thousands of chargers for mobile phones, games consoles, MP3 players and other mobile devices did not pass a proper safety test before being sold. Officers are studying thousands of cases of unsafe charges, probably originating from China, being sold in shops and on the Internet. Tests have shown that some chargers can overheat or cause electrocution.

Among the chargers concerned, one had the code marking DE62347066, which the users should be aware of. Other chargers have no code and are called Travel Charger.

Chris Holden, a senior trading standards officer, said that the UK appeared to be flooded with such chargers. At this point one could add that this was not an exclusively UK problem, but a global one.

The Trading Standards has already issued a warning about specific chargers, namely for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. Chargers for such game consoles could be also fitted to use with the Gameboy game console. Officers from the TS are currently trying to recall all the chargers.

Chris Holden, however acknowledged that there could be a much bigger problem about the unsafe chargers. Some of them could carry a fake CE safety marking, which could mislead the buyers about the safety of such devices.

Mr. Holden revealed that chargers of such poor quality are being sold for 5 pounds on the Internet and for 6 pounds in shops. Safe chargers, on the other hand, which have been properly tested and approved of, are being sold for about 15 pounds.

The main concern about the danger of such devices comes from the fact that their wires become detached after some time of usage, thus leading to a risk of being electrocuted. The pins of some chargers do not fit properly into the UK sockets, which can cause overheating.

The problem of counterfeit chargers for mobile devices was raised after the death of a British seven-year-old boy, Connor Dean O'Keeffe. Connor was found dead by his mother on the floor of the apartment in Thailand, where the family was on a vacation. The boy was trying to use his games console charger.

Chris Holden mentioned that hundreds of suppliers were bringing such chargers into the UK.

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Robots to Become Our Shoulder to Cry on
[18 Jul, 2008] Technology
programming a robot to be able to recognize certain emotions is one thing and another thing is to create a robot's face, so he can show something like an emotion. Emotions are all about face expressions, so if there's no face - there're no emotions. Our eyes can also show some emotions, but a robot would need eyelids and eyebrows so his Carl Zeiss cameras would be able to express feelings
Japanese Scientists Developed Flash Able to Function for Hundreds of Years
[17 Jul, 2008] Technology
and yet another step towards throwing the hdds on the junk yard!
Men are Simply not Programmed to Resist the Temptation, Study Says
[16 Jul, 2008] Science
honesty and commitment - that's for thirty-olds! younger guys need lots and lots of hot (protected) sex, not necessarily with strangers!
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