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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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World's Oldest Blogger Wrote Her Last Post at the Age of 108
[15 Jul, 2008] Current Events
amazing!!!!! keeping a blog at 108! tons of respect grandma!
World's Biggest Indoor Golf Facility
[09 Jul, 2008] Offbeat
wow, great!!! i'd really love to have a piece of that!!! i bet the grass there should be really smooth. after all - it's the netherlands, they like grass in there
Pioneer Presents Its 400GB Optical Disc
[07 Jul, 2008] Technology
this is good news! i didn't like teh blu-ray anyway...
Parents Lose Custody of Their Children for Teaching them Nazi
[14 Jun, 2008] Offbeat
well, maybe it IS wrong, to take the kids from their parents, but it's actually also wrong, to say that people of other nationalities are all bad. so i guess i agree that such parents shouldn't bother raising their children... on the other hand there comes another question: 'who should then?'
Alien Video to be Shown to the Media
[03 Jun, 2008] Offbeat
HEEEY, Windy!!! I think I know who you're talking about :) I know a guy, who says just the same thing! Is it the same guy???
Bombs to Become Safer for the Environment
[28 May, 2008] Science
wow, what a relief... now bombs will kill more people on the spot, but trees won't be hurt
A Huge Telescope Allows to See from London to New York
[23 May, 2008] Technology
you'd have to bend it over the earth :) it's round, you know...
Friday, 23 May, 2008

Health & Fitness

Number of Alcohol Related Illnesses Doubled in the UK

Number of Alcohol Illnesses Doubled in the UKHealthcare Organization claims that in the UK the number of people, who have been treated from illnesses caused by alcohol consumption, has doubled during the last 10 years. In average a British drink is an equivalent of 9.6 liters of pure alcohol per year, whereas even in Russia, the country which is supposed to be the most 'drinking' country in the world, the average number is 8.7 liters.

Last year healthcare institutions registered 280,000 people treating from alcohol related illnesses. This statistics included not only liver and kidney diseases, which are most common among alcohol consuming people, but also injuries received due to excessive alcohol consumption.

The statistics also included an alarming figure of 30% of children aged between 11 and 15 years, who think that drinking a lot of alcohol at least once a week is absolutely normal. Healthcare organizations claim that a drinking young generation is not only a problem of Great Britain, but it is a global one.

A doctor at one of the London's hospitals said that today's average patient, suffering from alcohol abuse, is a 20-30 years' old person, whereas previously there were only 50 year olds addressing a medic with such problems.

The current report revealed the seriousness of the problem called 'alcohol abuse in the UK'. Many British doctors claimed last December that nearly one third of domestic violence and a half of the other violence related crimes registered in the UK where caused by alcohol consumption, as reported by BBC.

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Woman Turned Her Pet Cat into Black Diamond
[20 May, 2008] Offbeat
fantastic science, isn't it?
Message from Aliens to Arrive in 2015
[19 May, 2008] Science
here they are, the "mauricians"!!! what wa that, mate?!
Message from Aliens to Arrive in 2015
[15 May, 2008] Science
and what if there IS intelligent life, and what if they WILL receive the message and decode it... what would they send as an answer?? "Sorry, me don't trink alcohol! me trink orange juice! cheers u 2" :)
British Secret Files of UFOs Uncovered
[14 May, 2008] Science
UFO is actually a very interesting topic, I mean, everything people see, could just be some kind of illusion or newest US aircraft developments... it could have any explanation, and every explanation could be as logical as stiting that it certainly was an UFO... but as they said in the CONTACT with Jodie Foster, "if we were alone in the Universe, it would terrible waste of space" (something like that, cant't recall exactly the expression)
Data from Disk Drive Recovered After Shuttle Columbia's Accident
[12 May, 2008] Technology
thanks for the article! an interesting one!
Ex-Chairman of Nintendo Officially Became Japan's Wealthiest Businessperson
[08 May, 2008] Current Events
way to go!
Man Faced Sex Discrimination for Taking His Wife's Name
[06 May, 2008] Offbeat
@pristine 'ashamed' was just a supposition... as for your example of people taking their mothers' names for the name not to die out - quite logical, I agree, and probably would've done the same thing. What I'm saying is that I don't see HIS reasons for giving up his father's name (though I'm sure he's had his reasons). I, for example, wouldn't give up on my name, but if my kids would like to take my wife's name - I would respect their decision.
Man Faced Sex Discrimination for Taking His Wife's Name
[06 May, 2008] Offbeat
I don't quite understand, why all the trouble? only because you feel close to your wife's father? well, be close to him, but why don't you leave your father's name? ashamed of him, or what?
Spacecraft Observes Powerful Electrical Storm on Saturn
[05 May, 2008] Science
I can only imagine how amazing this must look, when you're looking at it with your own eyes...
Intertek joins Trace One to create connected sources, global solutions for supplier risk management
[30 Apr, 2008] Press-releases
why do you think so?
Inventor of LSD Drug Dies
[30 Apr, 2008] Science
well.... rest in peace, inventor of all those fancy things people see when swallowing that stuff...
Man Found Not Guilty After 27 Years Spent in Prison
[29 Apr, 2008] Offbeat
the guy is actually lost and his life is totally ruined. he won't be able to live in the modern society anymore...
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