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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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Device to Predict Your Mistakes To be Developed Soon
[23 Apr, 2008] Science
interesting idea! if it will actually work it will save a lot of lives... thought i have my doubts.
Oklahoma Sheriff Faces Charges of Using Inmates as Sex Slaves
[18 Apr, 2008] Offbeat
Court to Consider Death Penalty for Child Sexual Abuse
[16 Apr, 2008] Current Events
i heard that such crimes in Russia are punished with 2, 3 or 4 years jail (i can't be sure though in these numbers, all i know is that they don't get REALLY punished)... i saw a documentary recently were they told about a chemistry teacher in a Russian school, who violated his pupils (usually 10-12 year old boys). After serving a few years he got out and started a small business organizing various tours and camping things for children. and he was actually leading the groups in those tours!!!! is THAT norma, i ask youl????
Court to Consider Death Penalty for Child Sexual Abuse
[16 Apr, 2008] Current Events
if you ask me, those monsters violating children should be slaughtered... or better put in jail for life, making that life a HELL... they don't deserve to live in a normal (or whatever we have here) society.
First Human-Animal Embryo Created
[02 Apr, 2008] Science
it's absolutely insane, how far the science is now... however, on the other hand, we have still so many questions to answer!
People Wearing Glasses Are More Intelligent
[28 Mar, 2008] Science
to tell you the truth, when in school i always felt sorry for kids wearing glasses... they always had to suffer from bullies and all those stupid jokes about glasses.. i don't wearg glasses myself, but i can't be sure that i won't some day... no one can.
Psychiatrists to Officially Recognize Internet Addiction as Brain Illness
[18 Mar, 2008] Science
I knew it all along!
Solar System Similar to Ours Discovered
[17 Mar, 2008] Science
I don't know what caused the Big Bang if it actually happened (no one can be sure of that), but I think it would be impossible that earth's the only inhabited planet. There's so much space, so many stars and planets and the human race is the only one rational. If there's actually a creator, he made a mistake tomake the humans the only ones in the Universe, if it so. hope you know what I mean. Like that catch phrase from the movies CONTACT with Jodie Foster, where her character's father used to say something like "we cannot be alone, otherwise it would be a waste of so much space"... and I agree!
The Amount of Digital Information Reached 281 Exabytes (281 Billion Gigabytes)
[13 Mar, 2008] Technology
this is really amazing, how the digital world grows... of course, videos have the greatest share of this digital information, but it is obvious that there are also tonns of useful information too.
Computer the Size of a Molecule Imitates Brain Work
[11 Mar, 2008] Science
my god! that's what I call innovation!
Body Heat to Power Electronic Devices Soon
[28 Feb, 2008] Science
wow, that's great! there always so much energy we're wasting!!! soon, when oil runs out, we'll need more alternative ways to gain energy!
Google Purchases a 10,000km Undersea Fiber Optic Cable
[27 Feb, 2008] Technology
and Google goes undersea....
Cellphones Kill Sperm Cells, Study Says
[13 Feb, 2008] Health & Fitness
well, i'd say it was a well known fact that cellphones' radiation somehow affects the human body. it's just that we're so damn used to these things that i can't even imagine going out of the house without a cellphone in my pocket! let's just hope they'll figure something out to spare us form not having kids one day.
Nurse Had Stolen 244 Body Parts of the Corpses
[01 Feb, 2008] Offbeat
sick people!
Vitamins and Minerals to Reduce Crimes Rates
[30 Jan, 2008] Health & Fitness
@holmes hmm... you're right.. didn't think of that ;) but on the other hand, are they going to pour the stuff into the food? i think they'll give the inmates some pills, and will have to explain and motivate their actions... but, guess mixing the stuff with the food would be their best choice. i don't think any of the "aggressive" guys would say "oh, of course i'll be part of this formidable experiment. i'm in!" so they should be 'passively' forced to do it.
Vitamins and Minerals to Reduce Crimes Rates
[29 Jan, 2008] Health & Fitness
well, this is great, but how are theyr going to check if the vitamins did their job? isn't it possible that the inmates can fake their state? or maybe in three years an inmate will just realize that committing crimes is wrong and will just rehabilitate in a normal way... I just hope this will help...
The most important inventions and discoveries of the humanity
[29 Jan, 2008] Science
@eunice Do you think it would be possible to say EXACTLY which invention was the most important in the 20th century??? there were so many of them, which lead to other and other discoveries.. i'd say they're all important, as they are interconnected and some inventions wouldn't appeared if it weren't for other, earlier inventions. the conlucion: THEY'RE ALL IMPORTANT!
Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
[23 Jan, 2008] Science
well that would be great, cause I always wanted to see how people would leave 200, 300 and more years from now. unfortunately, I won't live that long, so I'll just have to speculate on that... though I think an atomic war will destroy the human kind and that would be it!
Apple Introduces the Multi-Touch Touchpad with the New MacBook Air
[21 Jan, 2008] Technology
can't wait to have it!
Samurai Swords to be Banned in UK
[17 Jan, 2008] Offbeat
absolutely illogical. the ban won't affect people, who own a katana or other genuine samurai swords, nevertheless this means getting involved in some burocracy with registering the weapon, labeling it and so on. and the fact that a few people where hurt, I think doesn't mean the weapon should be banned. I know some people, who own katanas - they treat these things not as mere weapons, but as works of art (and they really are so!!!); so people using katanas for training and practicing martial arts wouldn't really use it for any illegal deeds (my opinion). Agree with Matthew, this is like banning kitchen knives, which, i'm sure, are more often involved in assaults with injuries and deaths. Yes, when a police officer sees a guy walking around with a huge kitchen knife will FOR SURE ask for id and the purpose of having a knife on the streets, I think the same is valid for swords: if I encounted a policeman when I openly hold a sword, i'll be asked for id for sure (which is quite normal), as I'm already a potential criminal, since I carry a potential weapon of some potential crime. However, I don't really think a ban would minimize the number of crimes with samurai swords employed.
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