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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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Glowing Pig Gives Birth to Glowing Piglets
[11 Jan, 2008] Science
amazing!! humans have learned once that it would be easier to bread animals, rather than hunt them; and now they think that they can breed them only for their liver....
Most people would live without sex but not without Internet
[09 Jan, 2008] Technology
IMHO, Internet is a desease by itself. If you look closely at it, it's already taken control of many aspects of our life, and mainly exchange of information, i.e. communication. Many people are so used to communicating via various messaging services, like ICQ, that they've lost the ability to communicate offline and this DOES play a tremendous role in their subsequent lives, including their sexual lives. I guess this topic is much greater than a comment thread, so I think I'll stop here. @ rksinghmadhepura thanks for the IAD info. interesting to know. I think I have it :)
Man Sent Christmas Cards from Heaven
[27 Dec, 2007] Offbeat
funny guy! way to go!
British Kids Encouraged to Sing with Suicide Bombers DVD
[19 Dec, 2007] Offbeat
hoy sh**t!!
A Man's Satisfaction Lies in Earning More than His Pals
[25 Nov, 2007] Science
hell I'm satisfied... both when i'm paid well, when i'm paid better than the idiot next door, and when i'm having sex, and when i'm drinking beer with my pals... i'm always satisfied!
DNA research approaches the origins of human beings
[13 Nov, 2007] Science
@liz how do you think the pictures should look like?
AIDS to Spread Faster with Catholic Condom Ban
[23 Oct, 2007] Health & Fitness
WTF?! banning condoms is like injecting HIV positive blood in one's body... and, actually, what are they going to do against it? "Hm... I smell rubber on your weener. Strawberry! Your busted, young man!"
Swearing at Workplace Boosts Productivity
[19 Oct, 2007] Science
hell yeah!!!
Evolution of Animal Vision - New Facts Discovered
[18 Oct, 2007] Science
wow, I always thought hydras were mythical creatures.
The Nobel Prize 2007 Has Been Given Away
[15 Oct, 2007] Science
cool. i always thought that germans were kind of smart and the 3 nobel's prove it the best!! way to go!
Scientist Predicts Humans Will Marry Robots
[14 Oct, 2007] Science
have you already chosen a robot for you, weber?
Thursday, 11 Oct, 2007


Computer Simulation Unveils Unexpected Process on the Surface of the Sun

Solar granulationsSolar granulations (the relatively light patterns) and sunspots (dark spots). Picture taken by the sun telescope of the Swedish Royal Science Academy. Courtesy of V. Zakharov / MPI Solar System Research

There is no other star that is observed and studies as much as the Sun - the center of solar system. However, no one could say that we know very much about it: its surface still hides many secrets, which are still to be discovered one day. A mathematician from the University of Vienna along with his colleagues astronomers has simulated the solar granulations and has made some surprising discoveries.

According to Herbert Muthsam, professor at the Mathematic Institute at the University of Vienna, the solar granulation is a process similar to the waves of boiling water in a kettle. It is a process during which torrents of water and helium are pushed out from under the surface of the sun to cool and then to sink back under the surface.

Professor Muthsam has been working on the modeling process for three years in order to provide the astronomers with a better, high-resolution picture of the granulation, since neither existing telescopes nor previous calculations were able to do this. Professor Muthsam said that even though the sun is being always under observation, there are certain limits to the possibilities of the astronomers.

Today's studies, which benefit from the best solar telescopes, can observe only the upper layers of the Sun and waves coming from under its surface, whereas many processes, such as those taking place deep under the star's crust or even in its atmosphere, remain a secret.

Thus, in order to analyze processes, events and their consequences on the surface of the Sun and to draw certain conclusions about them, which would boost up subsequent studies, scientists need a high-quality computer simulation of those processes. Professor Muthsam and his colleagues have developed special programs for torrents' simulation using various mathematical methods. The project benefited from three super computers, including the Schrödinger cluster from the University of Vienna, which were kept busy for a year running calculations on the possible models of the processes under the surface of the star.

In general, the modeling has showed something unexpected: the animation of the process depicted a sort of a wall, which moved relatively fast through the boiling surface of the sun. The professor explained that the moving walls were acoustic pulses, gigantic walls made of noise, which move across the surface of the star. He added that yet no one has ever had an opportunity of observing those pulses.

After the computer modeling showed that granulations are much more turbulent than they were initially thought to be, the researchers began to study the effects that granulations have on the heating of the chromosphere and the solar corona.

"This project made us come one step closer to answering the questions we are still to answer... and in addition, our schedules for the next few years include now much more work", the professor said.


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Animal Crew Returns from Space
[11 Oct, 2007] Science
welcome home! :)
Millionaire Dies From Depression at the Age of 31
[04 Oct, 2007] Offbeat
"Mr. party pills" dies of deep depression... i'm affraid to ask, why he didn't take some of his pills.
Pingdom Published Results of Google's Sites' Stability
[02 Oct, 2007] Technology
actually, I think this is just an attempt to put some dark spots on Google's work. I mean, during ONE year, i.e. 525600 minutes, and, OMG!!! was unavailable for 30 minutes. On the other hand it shows, that no matter how hard you try and no matter how much money you've got, there's no way you can manage your sites to run flawlessly 100% .
Tuesday, 02 Oct, 2007


Pingdom Published Results of Google's Sites' Stability

Despite Google's enormous financial possibilities, the sites and services, provided by the company are not always available to its visitors.

According to a survey conducted between September the 1st, 2006 and September the 1st, 2007 in 32 countries, where Google is the leading provider of Internet search, Google's main page was unavailable from 3 to 48 minutes.

Google's search in Brazil was found as most stable, since during the researched period of time (1 year), it was unavailable for only 3 minutes, whereas the US page was unavailable for about 30 minutes.

A satisfactory stability of Google's regional representatives was found in Netherlands (11 minutes unavailable), India and Thailand (13 minutes), and Japan (15 minutes).

The most unstable of Google's regional sites were found in Israel (34 minutes), Turkey (40 minutes), Singapore and Taiwan (46 minutes), and Sweden (48 minutes).

Results of this survey surprised Google's chiefs, yet all of the tested sites have passed the milestone of 99,9%, which is the time when all of Google's sites and services were fully functional and available.

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A Memorable Speaker - Not the One Speaking Clearly
[24 Sep, 2007] Science
well, in some cases "ums" from the speaker, might be followed by "boos" from the audience... let's take high school, for example... those people, I mean students, I don't think they'd listen to this sort of speaker.
Most people would live without sex but not without Internet
[21 Sep, 2007] Technology
no way!
Smiley emoticon marks 25 anniversary
[19 Sep, 2007] Technology
"Nowadays the software progress introduced a huge range of emoticons"... and windows with them pop-up to annoy you, even though there's a pop-up blocker on your browser.
Smiley emoticon marks 25 anniversary
[19 Sep, 2007] Technology
"Written phrases lack emotions without emoticons and can be wrong understood": you can say that again!!! I'm the master of wrongly understanding messages... )))
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