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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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Chinese Man Died of Exhaustion After 3-day Gaming
[18 Sep, 2007] Offbeat
poor guy... was that WWW or something else he played?
Need a computer virus?- download now
[14 Sep, 2007] Offbeat
hey... this is a great page, where i can get a lot of e-mail addresses for spamming and sending viruses... my god, people, why are you so easy at giving e-mails?
Blind People Help Sighted to Discover the Unseen
[13 Sep, 2007] Current Events
I always knew blind people do see, but not the way we do...
A Man Chose Electrocution After Killing His Sons
[13 Sep, 2007] Offbeat
I think all the good people should gather around, gather all the sick/insane/bad people, line them up at a wall, and shoot them... I wonder how such thoughts get into people's head... "Oh! I think I should kill my sons! Oh, that's a great idea!" sick, sick, sick!
InfoNIAC Announces a New Service
[13 Sep, 2007] Current Events
Oh, that's great! I didn't know I'll get to write my own news...
Doctor cut off the wrong side of woman's head
[12 Sep, 2007] Offbeat
wow... that is a great one doctor... i'm sure not the one, who'd like to be operated by that guy...
The World Says Rest in Peace to Luciano Pavarotti
[07 Sep, 2007] Current Events
It is a great loss indeed.I never was a fan of his, but I admired his voice... it was one of the best and there are none alike...
Virtual Policemen to Purify the Chinese Internet
[03 Sep, 2007] Technology
...and by the way... with over a billion people they really have the possibility to spare 2-3 people for the job...
Can You Distinguish a Fake?
[03 Sep, 2007] Technology
usefull.. thanks!
Virtual Policemen to Purify the Chinese Internet
[03 Sep, 2007] Technology
Oh, great! what would be next they'd ban? the flad of the USA as a sign of capitalism and democracy... Of course, there's too much porno on the web, but there are quality web sites too that give men and women a chance to see, what they'll never become )) what about sex toys shops (if they have any)??? will they close them too?
How to Deal With Too Much Attention at Work (for women)
[29 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
@Laura Well, if there was some work she did, except showing off, then, off course, I'll notice it too)))
[29 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
@tayway agreed! Music is the first thing the media blames when something like this happenes. Well, if music were GUILTY, then why only two teenagers, who've had problems at school, have committed suicide? I mean, there are myriads of people asigning themselves to emo or any other culture, yet they don't jump out of their windows. Anyway, I feel really sorry for the girls and for their parents...
How to Deal With Too Much Attention at Work (for women)
[28 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
Great! Now we look like some bunch of losers that come at the office only to stare at women and to think how great it would be if she did a blowjob RIGHT AWAY! As a matter of fact, we come at the office TO WORK!
Forced Adoption Doesn't Give Parents Any Chance
[27 Aug, 2007] Politics
"a man who had his two sons forcibly adopted, and later was given an apology for the mistake but he will never have his sons back as they were already adopted" Didi this really happen??? I don't believe it. How can anybody, even the GOVERNMENT take one's babies by force and give them for adoption??? it's either the man was a wuss or they did something to him to take his kids away. How could this happen???
Russian Fighters Will Show Wonders at MAKS-2007 Air Show
[26 Aug, 2007] Current Events
Hey! I've been there!!!! absolutely fantastic!!! The French were the best... I mean all the pilots where awesome, but the French were doing really amazing things! I think I'll try to post some videos somewhere!
Over a Quarter of Japanese Want an iPhone, Survey Showed
[21 Aug, 2007] Technology
Hey, Micky, thanks for sharing that. Honestly, I didn't see the Japanese from that side. I mean, I always thought they were something like this "+40" described them.
Alcohol Consumption at Home Can Prevent Binge Drinking
[21 Aug, 2007] Health & Fitness
My God, people! Can't you just lead a normal discussion here? Is it really necessary all the swearing, abuse and offending? You could just say that you agree or disagree and say your reasons, but no, you just need to swear... damn, now I really want to offend everyone... I'd better go. And yes, the information given in the article might be a bit inaccurate, in my opinion. Cheers!
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