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I like this site. Good news and, finally, my own page here.

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Latest Invention: Prosthetic Limb Controlled by its User's Mind
[16 Feb, 2011] Science
that is a really awesome thing they did! hope it works out well for scientists and they'll manage to bring up to the market artificial limbs that would completely substitute the natural ones!
M440 ECO - World's First Biodegradable Computer Mouse from Fujitsu
[31 Jan, 2011] Environment
I bet it's gonna cost a fortune! today it's economically not profitable, buying eco-green-things - they're expensive. that's why the cheapest things are from China and are made of ordinary, artifical materials.
World-Famous Architect to Design New Eco-Friendly Campus for Apple
[07 Dec, 2010] Environment
Apple rules!
IKEA Presents the Design of an Eco-Friendly Super Kitchen for the Year 2040
[19 Aug, 2010] Technology
If ikea would manage to build this kitchen by 2040 it means i'd get to see it by my 60th b.d. that would be nice!
Latest Invention: Device That Allows Using the Arm As a Touchscreen
[02 Mar, 2010] Technology
I've seen something very similar in a Russian school, when prime-minister Putin was telling a math/economy task to the students. There was a projector somewhere behid the scenes which lit the board... so Putin had a special marker, which somehow transmited signals to the projector unit about the movements made on the board, thus forming the picture... kinda like that :) SO, all I wanted to say that probly this one from Disney and MicroSoft is not that new? maybe its just something, that suffered serious chaneges to be able to project on any surface and to be controlled by any device, not necessarily a special marker...
Users of Motorola Droid and Google Nexus One are Exposed to High Radiation
[25 Feb, 2010] Technology
This is pretty bad, cause was actually considering buying myself one of those GooglePhones. And I think I actually will! :-)
Two Next-Gen Camcorders Unveiled by Samsung
[25 Feb, 2010] Technology
samsung, as always, generates ideas as often as i go to the bathroom...
Richest Woman in Russia Seeks State's Help
[12 Feb, 2010] Politics
she's a beaty, isn't she :)
Do you think Apple's iPad deserves a lot of attention?
[12 Feb, 2010] Hot Discussions
//4, the problem is that apple is the company that made people belive (especially its biggest fans) that everything new behind apple is something gorgeous in aesthetics and multifunctionla... but with the ipad this 'screen' was ruined... they did something... something ordinary.. if you ask me, I don't know why they wasted time to do this thing... maybe it wasn't steve who was behind this gadget, and someone else... they really did an iphone-bigfoot...

i'm disappointed, and I share this feeling with millions of apple's fans.
James Cameron's Avatar Comes in 4D
[12 Feb, 2010] Technology
weird... I pretty much can't image something, that is the only thing in this world... especially, when it's about movies and hollywood...
Find What Olympic Athletes Are Tweeting About
[12 Feb, 2010] Current Events
le' me tweetem!
Google Smartphones to Be Able to Translate in Real Time
[11 Feb, 2010] Technology
That's a pretty good news! imagine, how many interpreters would wake up without a job some day... and that an affirmation like "I speak 5 languages" would not impress anyone at all... of course, the gagdet won't substite translators in one moment, but when the first step is made, there's nothing left than to go on.
Do you think Apple's iPad deserves a lot of attention?
[05 Feb, 2010] Hot Discussions
Here, takea look at these links: - this one's a HIT!!

and if you want more, just open, search for iPad and see what titles get the most digs... hint: almost none of them hints on something lilke "Ohhh! I want one! Let me have it. Let me put my hands on it!!!" :) so... just make yourself happy with an iPhone or an Ipod Touch - these things are pretty cool, I'm telling you this... or, probly one of those HTC Googlephones are also quite impressive with the Android OS. But keep your hands off of the iPad!

here's another pretty link for you: - I'm gonna make a poster out of this...
Do you think Apple's iPad deserves a lot of attention?
[05 Feb, 2010] Hot Discussions
well, being a great fan of everything Jobs does, let me tell you this aloud: iPad sucks! it can't even compete with the simplest netbooks on the market - it doesn't have an extension cards' slot, no chance to share files and there are many NOs like this. I've read some authority sources which say that iPad is one of the worst things Apple's ever done. I'm sure I would want to buy myself one. I already have a smaller version of it - iPhone.
Latest Invention: Suma 3D Controller that Uses Squeezable User Interface Technology
[03 Dec, 2009] Technology
and check it out! there's an apple monitor on the background! or an iMac... not sure.
Motorbike 2050 Version 2 Makes Use of Nuclear Energy
[17 Nov, 2009] Technology
as started reading, the frist sentence made me think... how are they going to protect the driver from geting a good doze of radiation?
Marriage Hunting Bra Presented in Tokyo
[17 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
useless thing. waste of time and money. don't know who could fall for this.
Living Together Before Marriage Can Lead to Divorce
[17 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
kinda makes sense...
Paris Houses the World's First Divorce Fair
[17 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
It is worth mentioning that this year the Paris witnesses 130,000 divorces, which is much more compared to the figure registered 3 years ago, when about 50,000 couples got divorced. - this is probably due to the economic crisis. people start argueing on small things, and most of the problemos are the loss of their comfortable income... the wife doesn't get what she wants, at least not in the volumes she used, and the husband gets frustrated of all the pikes coming from his wife that he's become incompetent and there they go...
And the Winner of Oxford Dictionary's 2009 Word of the Year Is .... Unfriend
[17 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
though I actually never heard or saw some of these terms, specifically paywall, funemployed, freemium.
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