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Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
[18 Nov, 2010] Science
So, here I am, first time finding this little forum thread, and after reading a variety of intriguing (however ridiculous) points of view on the subject, I have to say that this is an amazing scientific discovery, and that should be praised. Kudos to the dedicated men and women who have committed so much effort and time to learning more about our world and how it works. For the pulpit that seems to have been erected, I ask this: has there been a single moment in your existence when you actually THOUGHT before you spoke, or are you so conditioned by your mind-controlling masters that you have completely abandoned the practice of using your brains? There is absolutely NOTHING in this post, other than your babbling and run-on rants, that mentions the Almighty, even once. It amazes me how many of you refuse to consider ... even for a moment ... that the very reason we are capable of achieving such monumental accomplishments could be thanks to Him? The hilarious irony is that, at the end of the day, theological fanatics know no more about God's plan than an atheist. It's HIS plan. Therefore, since you have NO idea what He's up to, you have NO idea how He plans to accomplish His objectives. I still see this catastrophic schism occur again and again, the first time during the discussion of creation vs. evolution when I was in school. Did none of you fire-and-brimstone armchair ministers ever abandon your arrogant, hypocritical belittling of others long enough to think that God did create us, and used evolution to do it? Fact stands as thus: If God intends for something to happen, it will, and by any means He chooses ... whether you agree with His methods or not. It's His plan, not yours. Stop trying to pretend that you know anything about it.





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