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Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
[03 Feb, 2009] Science
Maybe these very popular sites should not give us enthusiasts the space to voice our opinions. We are being given an oppertunity to access and review the latest news in the scientific community. I am puzzled as to why there are so many religious comments on this site! This is science people! The basis for which we uncover and decypher the ways and terms we must exist. Religion is not an answer in a response to sciences methods of prooving what is true and tangeble. Todays religions are the prospective governments that simply missed the boat but were left with the tools required to mass an income! These tools are FEAR and UNCERTAINTY. In response to Apocolyptic and Atomic references I say this. Before you mention Atomic Warfare please look into what is required to fire an Atomic Weapon. Theres alot more than a few codes and switches that have to be flipped. Atomic Weapons can only be fired at specific times of the year, when an accurate and very mathmatical measurement can be taken to achieve critical mass. These arent simple rockets people. Not made in Hollywood. Apocolypse? You can help that happen by taking up drinking, smoking or generally damaging yourself in anyway you please. Theres your apocolypse. However, the rest of us will carry on about our bussiness, learning and exercising our right to live without fear of uncertain doom. If you're reference to Apocolypse is in regards to a meteroid or asteroid collision I hate to dissappoint you. The Sol System (our galaxy) is HIGHLY stable. 0.00000002 to 1. Those are the odds of a collision, approximately 1 every 100,000 years, and distance required needs to be close to 15km accross to give an extinctive effect. There are 50 of these spotted in our system. And even if we do get hit, with or with out you and me, life itself will find its own way. Finally, the article. I am impressed with their findings. I think what they will achieve with this technology in the near future, will be more for e.g the assistance of people who have to take rejection medication which lowers your life span by 10% approximately, or several other medications and proceedures that have a similar repocussions. It could be an answer to a poor mans arm transplant, if the potential proceedure outruns cellular duplication.





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