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Earth Hour Will be Marked Worldwide
[29 Feb, 2008] Environment
only 13 cities? What the hell is that gonna do?
Related Couples Have More Children
[29 Feb, 2008] Science
that's just gross...
Blind Man Fights For His Children
[29 Feb, 2008] Offbeat
I think he SHOULD be able to have his children. Disabilities shouldn't stop a parent from raising their children! As long as he gives them the love and attention they need and deserve, a blind father is just as good as one who can see!
Father Killed His Sons to Make His Wife Suffer
[28 Feb, 2008] Offbeat
I dont even know what to say to this....I cant even imagine ever killing a child LET ALONE for a reason like that! Sick bastard!
Doctor cut off the wrong side of woman's head
[28 Feb, 2008] Offbeat
How do you mess that about look for the side of the brain with the huge lump on it! Damn....
77 Percent of Girls Consider Themselves Ugly
[28 Feb, 2008] Offbeat
screw the statistics! ALL people are beautiful in their own way...either inside or out. And Ari is right, why cant people stop being assholes. maybe young girls wouldnt feel like that if people would stop putting them down!
Illegally Most Wanted Vehicles
[28 Feb, 2008] Offbeat
don't forget the 1995 Dodge why wont somebody steal my piece of crap?
Nurse Had Stolen 244 Body Parts of the Corpses
[28 Feb, 2008] Offbeat
I didn't know they actually HAD a law for "abuse of corpse".......what the hell

[28 Feb, 2008]
Would you HONESTLY trust somebody you met on face book? I mean come on unless you already know the person.... People are too open these days!
Cellphones Kill Sperm Cells, Study Says
[28 Feb, 2008] Health & Fitness
....Okay seriously I don't think I believe this....If that's the case then why are there so many business men with a bunch of kids? we all know they always have cell phones glued to their ears.
Woman's Death Linked to Second-Hand Smoking
[28 Feb, 2008] Health & Fitness
I am honestly sorry that this happened but i dont think that smoking should be banned in public places. It goes against personal rights. Most workers usually know when they have health problems and if they think that they are going to be affected by their work environment they need to find a different job that suits them better. I do however think that smoking and non smoking sections of places like restaurants should be better separated. and also if they were to ban smoking in public places...I'm pretty sure people can wait to have a cigarette until they get home or in their car. or go smoke outside. it wouldn't be that big of a deal.
Glowing Pig Gives Birth to Glowing Piglets
[28 Feb, 2008] Science
weird...still cool but honestly whats next?





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