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Hard-Rock and Classic Music Could Lead to Road Accidents, New Survey Says
[26 Dec, 2007] Science
The research above still seems incomplete to me. It doesn't clearly show whether soft/monotonous music would be more likely to make a driver drowsy or not, for instance. Too often I see radio stations broadcast at night soft music - one might hypohthesize that such music would tend to make a driver listening to it more drowsy, less alert, and hence, more likely to be involved in a car accident. One method to complete this research might be to document what was playing in cars at the time of accidents. Was the radio on? what was the volume? was it playing in-car content (CD/DVD/etc.) or broadcast? if broadcast, was it playing a radio channel, if so, what was that channel playing, at the time of the accident and in the few minutes prior? if in-car audio, what was it playing? If sufficient data is collected it might be possible to statistically correlate and help determine not only whether certain types of music or volume have impact on the abilities of driver's to drive better - but it will be empirical evidence of direct cause for accidents. The power of such findings could be a clearly preventative form of accidents. If we know what sorts of music (or audio sources) are less likely to produce accidents, people would be able to "tune into them" when driving. Likewise, radio stations listened to often by drivers might focus on airing different content dependent on the time of day in order to reduce their impact on car accidents (if such an impact exists).





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