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I really like different scientific and technological inventions, which is why I've chosen this website - it has a lot of article about invetions in science and technology.

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Living Light Sculpture Offers Data on Air Quality
[10 Nov, 2009] Environment
//1, no 'informative public space' means that these glass skins could be used for social needs like informing the city's visitors about interesting locations and places they look forward to visit.
World's First Space Hotel to Open Soon
[10 Nov, 2009] Technology
This is sooo cool. the only drawback is the price. Maybe in the next century spending some time at the space hotel will cost as much as placing a pizza order.
Iowa Cat contracted A(H1N1)
[10 Nov, 2009] Current Events
first pigs, then cats - did dinosaurs really die as a result of a meteor impact with the planet?
The World's Fastest Flash Drive
[10 Nov, 2009] Technology
The new flash drive would definitely serve well for those who want to illegally copy information from a computer - i think they call 'em corporate spies.
Taipei 101 - the Tallest Eco-friendly Building in the World
[10 Nov, 2009] Environment
great idea. would really like to visit taiwan and observe the country, the capital and the building.
Latest Invention: Metal-Air Battery that Is 11 More Efficient than Lithium-Ion
[10 Nov, 2009] Technology
cheaper and more effective are the keywords that would make me want to buy the new batteries as soon as they hit the stores.
A Virtual Friend for Autistic Kids
[10 Nov, 2009] Science
Hope this invention proves to be helpful.
Latest Invention: In-car Personal Robot That Learns Driver's Habits
[10 Nov, 2009] Technology
No wonder the such robot was created in colaboration with German carmakers, since audi and vw create some of the best cars in the world. This is a great invention, but I think it might scape some people who think that robots could soon take ove the world and make people slaves.
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of October 2009
[10 Nov, 2009] Science
From this list I choose the spider pill as the most useful invention and the ion engine as the most cool :)
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