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I'm a chief engineer in the company involved in elaborating of the new technologies in the area of gadgets, medical gadgets, robotics, etc. I like to be a part of the entertainment community in

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Rich People Are Not Always Smart People
[31 May, 2007] Science
Is it possible that the persons with the higher income feel the pressure to live a certain lifestyle and this then effects their financial difficulties?
Microsoft Surface - Innovative Table-Like Computer
[29 May, 2007] Technology
Nice piece about Surface - have you seen ? They have a table for which you can download a simulator - the table is actually available for rent/license.
Need a computer virus?- download now
[25 May, 2007] Offbeat
Actually, I have downloaded virii or gotten infected on purpose so that I could help others rid themselves of the virus. By having it and getting rid of it using known methods, I potentially saved 30-40 computer users.
Need a computer virus?- download now
[24 May, 2007] Offbeat
@Peсa: the only thing gay around here is U. why do d**k heads like u open ur mouth when u have no idea about the architecture of these OSes.
A Maniac Threatens to Repeat Tragedy in Virginia
[23 Apr, 2007] Politics
Sadly enough, humans are the only species on the planet that kills their own kind for 'sport'.
Algerian woman gave birth to septuplets
[21 Apr, 2007] Offbeat
finally my dream of having sex with 6 identical sisters can come true!
2.3 million alcoholics live in Russia
[14 Apr, 2007] Offbeat
i guess russians are just weak
Attempt to control the blogosphere wakes up howls of protests
[10 Apr, 2007] Offbeat
"Notice: All Comments are moderated, offensive or off-topic comments will be deleted." O'Reilly seems to be fond of inventing already existing things and giving them a ridiculous appearance lately. Obligatory Comment Removal Notice That Virtually Every Blog And Bulletin Board On The Net Has Had For Decades 2.0. Now THAT's gonna save the children, right?
IBM and Cisco: Attempt to Unite the Communication Software Developers
[04 Apr, 2007] Technology
we are eager to welcome the new software
Invisibility is now one step closer
[02 Apr, 2007] Science
This is retarded. Scientist always tackle these problems headon from the wrong angle. Their trying to create a field that makes everything under it invisible? Like a multi-billion dollar set of the old Red-Blue 3D Glasses. Look through the Blue one and hide the Blue lines!!! /joy! They need to focus on manipulating the reflective properties of material, rather than trying to hide them. If you can "mirror" the properties of glass (pun not intended) then you wouldn't have to worry about hitting that "2nd requirement". Stop wasting time on something that's only gonna work half-asses... IF you can even get it to work.
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