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People Will Live Longer By Producing Own Body Parts
[19 Nov, 2009] Science
FDA Approves Magnetic Brain Therapy
[05 Aug, 2009] Science
,,,,,,,,,,,how about the disadvantages??????
Computers to be Tested on Intelligence
[04 Aug, 2009] Technology
Rise of the Machines, God Forbid computers to advance to a level of human thinking, we'll be screwed.
Monday, 29 Sep, 2008

Health & Fitness

Soy Reduces Stroke Risk

Researchers suppose that soy contains a substance which may help people after a stroke. The chemical, isoflavone, which was found in it, works similar to the drugs reducing the level of cholesterol.

The European Heart Journal carried out a research which proved that due to the influence of isoflavone blood flow normalized. Even previous studies showed that soy products may help not only to lower cholesterol level, but also to avert breast and prostate cancer.

The beneficial effect of isoflavone can be explained by its ability to suppress the reproduction of cells which produce vein-obstructing clots.

In order to study the properties of this substance 102 patients who once suffered a stroke were subjected to an experiment. They were divided into two groups. The first one received isoflavone during 12 weeks of treatment, the other one was given a bread pill. The experiment helped scientists to gage the extension of brachial artery under the influence of an increased blood flow. This process is of major importance as the flow-mediated dilatation (FMD) signals if the cells of endothelium function properly.

At the beginning of the research the difference between the groups was not considerable, but after 12 weeks it was discovered that the patients who received the supplement of isoflavone had better FMD than those who didn't.

Thus, it was suggested that isoflavone may help to reduce cardiovascular risk in stroke patients. Professor Hung-Fat Tse said that the nature of isoflavone and its influence upon FMD needed deeper consideration that is why it couldn't be recommended as a supplement. But he also added that diets containing a greater portion of isoflavone might help people after an ischemic stroke.

Dr Peter Coleman from the Stroke Association also considers it beneficial and adds that this very important study should be continued. What about genetically modified soy? Does it also contain the isoflavone with its beneficial properties?


Microsoft Forces Consumers to Buy Vista?
[19 Aug, 2008] Technology
i m happy
Torture Approved by Bush Administration
[11 Apr, 2008] Politics
Bush administration has given way to more cruelty and killed the concept of democracy. Now everyone suspected in terrorism will be subjected to torture techniques. It will lead us to fascism!
77 Percent of Girls Consider Themselves Ugly
[09 Oct, 2007] Offbeat
77 Percent of Girls Consider Themselves Ugly  and 76 percent of them are absolutely right as for what they think about themselves
Monday, 17 Sep, 2007


A Polish Programmer Links President to Penis

A computer programmer from Poland could spend three years in jail for linking a Polish word for penis to the website of Polish President Lech Kaczynski.

The 23-year-old programmer developed a program that made the official home page of the Polish President rank first  on the Google search engine when an internet user searched for 'kutas', a vulgar Polish term.

The computer program worked similar to the so-called 'Google bombing,' the practice linking the websites of political leaders and companies to offensive words or phrases.

The programmer has been charged with insulting the president. According to prosecutors, he could face up three-year-imprisonment if convicted.

Andrzej Holdys, a regional prosecutor in the town of Cieszyn, the south of Poland, thinks this matter is not relevant to freedom of speech. When a person uses a derogative word to libel the President,  it's an insult violating the law.

The suspect has not been detained. He confessed to creating a program that was aimed to test his skills at developing a Google bomb. The programmer's full name has not been revealed.

President Lech Kaczynski and his twin brother, the prime minister of Poland, are popular targets for numerous jokes and caricatures both in their own country and abroad. They are called 'ducks,' with their name related to the bird in Polish.

Jacek Bialas, Amnesty International in Poland, did not support the charges against the programmer. On his opinion, if the president was insulted, he should have sued as a private person.

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Texas Executed the 400th Prisoner
[23 Aug, 2007] Current Events
Death penalty is indeed inhumane, and it doesn't stop criminals, and it doesn't provoke fear.
Fake priest asks for punishment
[22 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
it's weird but it's an honest thing to do,asking for a punishment for the mistakes he committed.BRAVO!
Impostor dentist works for 29 years
[20 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
holy crap! I sure wouldn't like to have my mouth drilled by this buy... however, in 29 years anyone could learn the craft.
Fake Nature of a Rolex is Hidden in Details
[10 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
I completely agree with 'in response to lady'. Not everyone is crazy about branded things that cost amazing money. I personally prefer to buy moderately-priced items - just the style I like and not to pay for the prestigious status. I'd better spend the money on a trip somewhere to the mountains.. or buy another good book, or some cool toy to my kid. I own my Casio for over 6 years and the only problem I had - it was necessary to replace the battery. Rolex watches look great even if they are fake. Well, about the reliability - I'm not so sure...In general, women would rather have a collection of different watches rather than just one extremely highly-priced... and no matter are these fakes or branded...
Need a computer virus?- download now
[09 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
i think i'm one of those that clicked
Need a computer virus?- download now
[06 Aug, 2007] Offbeat
can u mail me somethin like "w32.USBWorm"-microsoftpowerpoint.exe
Ten Unnoticed Effects of Global Warming
[09 Jul, 2007] Environment
you're all wrong we should do something so shut up and help!
New Electronic Display to Be Used on Clothes and Beer Cans
[20 Jun, 2007] Science
A moving image of Sparten would be cool, or anything you want.
Need a computer virus?- download now
[20 Jun, 2007] Offbeat
who would be stuiped enough to do that. It was very funny what happened.
Aggressive women - genes' fault
[16 Jun, 2007] Science
Can you send me more information for my ex- girlfriend.Please
[04 Jun, 2007] Offbeat
Absolutely agreed with Jessica. It's no good blaming music, poetry and other arts in teen suicides. Of course there are people taking it to close and there are musicians singing it to harsh (sth like 'take and the knife and kill kill kill' and the like). I'm sure Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater had their reasons, apart from music, but I'm pretty sure too that they could have avoided it and theyr should have thought of their parents... Rest in peace, girls...
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 - Gran Paradiso Alpha 5: out in June
[02 Jun, 2007] Technology
Thank's For Torrent
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