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Fast Food Can Make You Dumb
[05 Nov, 2009] Health & Fitness
it might be different with brain, but certainly high-fat diet is harmful for human body as a whole
Latest Invention: Drug to Help Wipe Bad Memories
[05 Nov, 2009] Health & Fitness
bad memories might be as useful as good ones. what matters is how you see things
Tramadol - Drug-like Painkiller
[05 Nov, 2009] Health & Fitness
there should be a valid prescription from one's doctor to be able to buy and take the drug. i heard of people taking tramadol - it's highly destructive and addictive, and can be used in cases of severe pain only.
The Starting Point of the $555 Billion Solar Energy Project in Africa
[05 Nov, 2009] Environment
it seems like people in north africa need water, but have no problem with electricity if it's all gonna be exported to europe...
Solar-powered Vertical Parking System Saves a Lot of Space
[05 Nov, 2009] Technology
i wish we had something like this in my city...
Living Light Sculpture Offers Data on Air Quality
[05 Nov, 2009] Environment
xoxo, 'informative public space' must stand for 'ad space' :-)
Researchers Hope to Create Genetic Zoo With 10,000 Species
[05 Nov, 2009] Science
are they collecting only animal species, or human too? some humans are getting extinct as well, for instance, indigenous peoples in the north of the globe
Futuristic Pavilion Can Float to Other Cities Like a Vessel
[05 Nov, 2009] Environment
looks like big-big fish. hopefully, it won't scare the navy :-)
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