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i have recently completed my class xii,now i am looking for the college for the graduation.

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Microsoft Founder to Invest in Cloud-Making Machines
[13 Jul, 2010] Environment
it is good that the enviormentalist implies the geoengieering technology to make clouds,but the requirment of the ship is the another factor which i do not agree,we can use the direction of the wind especially in the sea the speed of the wind is very high which can convert the wind energy to the creation of the cloud rther then buying the ship which exceeds the 7 billion.and i am sure that by the use of the direction of the wind the methods can be developed,especially we know that the by the use of the wind energy vary wonderful methods have been developed.
but the method above created by the enviormentalist is good,but the cost exceeds the buying of the sheep which i think can be discuss more on theis topic.
China to Boast World's Greenest Structure
[13 Jul, 2010] Environment
by knowing theis that the china is going to construct ecofrindly wuhan energy flower with zero emission carbon.hats off to wuhan and their building theis wuhan energy flower,the solar panels are well equipped as shown in the model.
another method is also that the wuhan energy flower building can be used to give electricity to nearby substation like the electricity substation and also in the metro station which will help also in the saving of the electricity and the less consuption.
thanks to the architect for builiding such a ecofriendly structure which help to save our enviorment from getting destroyed.





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