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People Gain Most of Their Weight From Liquid Food And Beverages
[21 Dec, 2009] Health & Fitness
Its both surprising and not surprising.... And of course eating and drinking at the same time can not lead to weight loss....
Toddlers Will Eat New Foods If They Look at Picture Books
[21 Dec, 2009] Health & Fitness
Yes, we should look for more productive methods to get "connected" to our children. And of course seeng the new things raises curiosity to try them....
Latest Invention: Brain Implants to Ease Serious Neurological Conditions
[21 Dec, 2009] Science
Great thing.... very useful, especially nowadays, obsessive compulsive desorders being more and more frequent
Our Brain is Overloaded with More Than 100,000 Words a Day
[21 Dec, 2009] Science
Yeah.... overload is obvious....)) But maybe if we put our brain in such conditions, its time it to develop, to show its hidden possibilities....
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