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Latest Invention: Artificial Leaf Able to Power Homes for the Poor
[04 Apr, 2011] Environment
this is interesting i guess,, soon their will be human maid trees :D
Chewing Gum Helps Lose Weight
[28 Jul, 2009] Health & Fitness
when we eating gum the air fill our appetite it's bad to eat more gum
Latest Invention: System that Converts Energy from Tramping Feet into Electricity
[28 Jul, 2009] Technology
walking electro boots hows my name if u want to buy it pay me 100$
21st Century's Longest Solar Eclipse - July 22, 2009
[22 Jul, 2009] Offbeat
yahoo.. i'm in sri lanka i can watch it too
Latest Invention: Artificial Brain Cell from Swedish Researchers
[21 Jul, 2009] Science
sooon their will be a AI with these cells
Cats Use their Purr to Exploit Humans
[19 Jul, 2009] Science
cute cat
North Korean Authorities Kill Babies Born in Prisons
[03 Jul, 2009] Politics
where are the human right agency's
Latest Invention: KOBIAN - Humanoid Robot Able to Express Emotions
[03 Jul, 2009] Technology
it's not like a human :(
Latest Invention: 1mm-Thick Batteries That Can Be Printed Out
[03 Jul, 2009] Technology
hm.. looks good without too much weight and space toys will be accurate
Teens Still Rate Sony and Nokia as the Best
[03 Jul, 2009] Technology
we love sony but we love the iphone

[03 Jul, 2009]
how can i add pic admin plz help

[03 Jul, 2009]
I witness this kind of thing
Laptops Could Lead to Male Infertility
[03 Jul, 2009] Health & Fitness
Omg i have a laptop
People Witness the Extremely Rare All-White Humpback Whale
[03 Jul, 2009] Offbeat
i nerve see 1 in my real life
iPhone Users are Younger, Richer and Better Educated
[03 Jul, 2009] Technology
i wish to buy a iphone
Shape Changing Programmable Matter Might Become Reality Soon
[03 Jul, 2009] Science
this is like a movie what we will do with this i cant imagine the stuff we can do. you can drive the car if u get bored you will turn it to a plane or a boat
Latest Invention: New Concrete Developed to Last for 16,000 Years
[03 Jul, 2009] Science
omg 16,000 years
Monster Jellyfish to Take Over World's Oceans
[03 Jul, 2009] Environment
oh will it be a monster like in the movies
Sleeping Improves Creativity When Solving a Problem
[03 Jul, 2009] Science
i have a exam soon so i need to sleep more
Vote for the Greatest Scientific Inventions Presented by Science Museum of London
[03 Jul, 2009] Science
i cant find the way to vote :(
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