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The Biggest Man-Made Mountain to Be Erected Over Berlin
[26 Nov, 2009] Environment
//1, agreed! especially that it's going to be build in one of the biggest cities of the world! imagine the trafic jams, the construction junk that this site is going to produce... the berliners are'nt going to be happy about this!
Self-sufficient Zoo With a Waterfall for Buenos Aires
[26 Nov, 2009] Environment
the concept looks pretty nice. but, just as anything good these days, it ain't gonna happen because of burocracy and other wonderful "democraic things"...
London Made from Fruits and Vegetables
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
//1, or they made a picture of the thing and then had a vegetarian party... all night long!! :)
London Made from Fruits and Vegetables
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
2 Stew Griffin
I'm pretty sure the chamber, that the construction was in, had special condition for keeping all the fruits in good shape.
Women More Likely to Eye Hairy Men During Recession
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
No way, manojfdo! (sorry, if I mistyped your nickname)
the world is in a deeeeep hole! and it's not because the stock market has severely suffered, but because all that people can thinl of (including me) is money money money.... all they care is money! how about thinking about making something different, how about not throwing the cigarette or a piece of paper on the street, how about recycling? if there was a survey abou this, I think only 1% of people on earth would be willing to separate paper, plastics, special garbage and glass from other types of garbage for recycling! recycling could someday save our planet, but we think only about having more oil and wealth!!!!
The 2009 Stella Awards Reveals Most Shocking US Lawsuits
[18 Nov, 2009] Offbeat
hey Alxandra! how about English!? did you notice people writing english words here! I don't mind of course you speaking Danish, Swedish or Norwegian (sorry, I'm pretty bad in scandinavian languages), but for the sake of understanding and a good discussion it is more convenient when everydobe speaks the same language... I'd pretty much gladly converce in German, but who else would?

ok, soryy, for the introduction, but I'd say that the cases are 100% fabricated, just as Mr. RED said! and the McDonalds case is a shame on this giant company!
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 10 Latest Inventions of July 2009
[18 Nov, 2009] Technology
the washing machine - is pretty cool... they should've invented something like this long ago, because they consume too much water... the water must go to Africa, where people are starving and dying of durst! but we, the capital world, are some bunch of consumers who doesn't even care about other people!

as from the point of view of comfort, I agree with alcotrazz, it's pretty conveniec to understand what the dog says! maybe he/she is trying to prevent you from going somewhere, but you will go, because you don't understand what the dog says... there're a lot of ways that this invention could be potentially used, so I'd say gogogo inventors with those useful, environmentally green inventions!
The Amazing Plane of the Future - Designer's Vision
[18 Nov, 2009] Technology
no way this machine is going to exist... at least, not for transporting people on earth... maybe for intergalactic or interplanetary transportation. judging by the way it looks, it's going to be huge, hence it's impossibility of operation on earth and transporting people from point A on planet Earth to point B on the other side of planet Earth.

and I absolutely agree with Mark - true words!
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