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Manual Deskterity from Microsoft - Upgrading Touchscreen Experience
[17 Jun, 2010] Technology
could this tecnology be in storage use , use matrix s/w to store info . and the display in such a passion. the matrix can
manupulate in 3d as 3by3 matrix six suggrigate terminal in a box , make as a cubic ,the display terminal to turing of pages and drag to minimize the mail box to and all the display calculations.chip can display the feature... with artifical chemistry of design and Artifical intelligence system in mobiles.could that be a new technology in mobile
the computer could use turning the page , by making small size and to bigger size , drag to display the page from a 3d box ,in same a field
Tangible Tabletop Shows Three-Dimensional Geographical Landscapes
[17 Jun, 2010] Technology
another innvenstion that places with new paint theorology on the wall of any room can change the design of the wall.
3d animation on wall surface link and connected to new computer media ,the charge silcon partical could change the
colour of the wall in any room,and with lazer display.
on any curtain the image could displayed too.
Tegra 2 - Nvidia's Tablet Recently Presented at Google's Conference
[17 Jun, 2010] Technology
could chatting machine with video of video conferencing in s/w and chatting is designed . to control with data transfer and downloading facility is available .
terminal camara with s/w touch screen can sent live video
with chatting is posible .with mobile video transfering link to
the mechanism.
US Army Tests New Hybrid-Electric Robotic Vehicle
[17 Jun, 2010] Technology
Robort that research in lab and technology ,could experiance the complex digit ,calculations .like in complex number solution system like x+iy ,i=-1 imaginary part could
be mesured by robort... the digital signals and electrical signals mesurment is possible , could a robert in operation theater in building human anatomy calculation.. and theory of artifical intelligence could make atomic microscopy and other nano thenologies , in complex field laboratory . identifying human soul etc.. could mesure chemical and biological reaction,solve various solution.and transcadance solutions.
GoogleTV - Surf the Internet and Watch TV on One Screen
[17 Jun, 2010] Technology
is the google tv is touch screen , programmed Tv , or s/w interpreted tv to change channel.can this tv save videos.could this tv can save mobile ,bluetooth option menu
what is the features of tv wht is modern in it?
Thank u





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