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Nothing special in me.I am a very simple man by nature and always try to remain considerate about others.I feel better to take trouble on myself rather see others in trouble.Once people come near me they don't want to break relationship with me ever.Presently I am doing job in Judiciary since 1997 at Madhepura, a small district town in the state Bihar(India).
I have qualification of M.Sc.(Botany) & LLB.In 1997,I joined my service as an Assistant in Civil Court,Madhepura, though later I was also selected as an Assistant in Secretariat in Patna,but refused to join there.
Initially I thought Computer very boring,but in 2006 I bought it and learnt on my system myself and also Internet and now I can't live without it.Surprisingly I am doing well in study & knowledge in this field.I also instruct people about net.26th October was a remarkable day in my life of Internet,when I was shown on T.V.(etv),taking my view as an Internet expert on Cyber Crime related to an offence occured in city.

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Only 13 % People Have Internet Access
[06 Jan, 2008] Technology
In all countries,particularly in developing countries the Internet cost must be lowered and the the Internet-savvy people should be employed on higher salary.
Nearly one third of Americans think Internet is useless
[06 Jan, 2008] Technology
I think there minds are not working well,Internet is not for dull people.The proverb applies to them "Grapes are sour."
Most people would live without sex but not without Internet
[05 Jan, 2008] Technology
Most of them are suffering from IAD(Internet Addiction Disorder),a disease,the term was coined by a New York city psychiatrist which is more like an out-of-control behaviors affects badly normal human life.





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