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i am a biotechnologist student. iam aspiring to learn more about the recent inventions in the developing science

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McDonald's to Turn Waste into Compost
[19 Oct, 2008] Environment
it was an terrific gud idea we should support the idea of mc donalds
Chimps Lose Habitats- who is to blame?
[19 Oct, 2008] Environment
it is too sad to no abt the lose of habitats
Our Brain Enjoys More When Music is Played Live by a Musician rather than a Computer
[21 Jul, 2008] Science
ya it may be true i believe in this..
15-Year-Old Boy Performs Caesarian Surgery
[21 Jul, 2008] Offbeat
oh it may result in serious impact on the patients plz do not encorage this sortof things
Male Birth Selection to Cause Dramatic Social Imbalance
[21 Jul, 2008] Offbeat
ya..they may be a huge crisis in future in this asian countries due to the wilingness for the son
Man with Dead Brain Recovers
[21 Jul, 2008] Offbeat
hm.....wat a news it is really a mriacle in medicine
Cloned Dogs Will Serve for the South Korean Customs
[21 Jul, 2008] Offbeat is nice to know..and this dogs r helpingthe cops..
Parents Lose Custody of Their Children for Teaching them Nazi
[21 Jul, 2008] Offbeat
i did not beleve this is possible??
Japanese Researchers Are Allowed To Clone Human Embryos
[18 Jul, 2008] Science
gud....but v should not dictate the world by this clone any create harm to the human environment....the cloning the should be only up to mark of investigating the incurable diseases
Bombs to Become Safer for the Environment
[18 Jul, 2008] Science
hm..environmental free bombs...looking soo..gr8..i'm waiting for this kind of bombs which make t he envionment more safe to us....
Male Cyclists Could Develop Erection Problems and Genital Numbness
[12 Jul, 2008] Health & Fitness
ohh..soo sad to know but many more research have to be carried down in this process..
Our Brain Enjoys More When Music is Played Live by a Musician rather than a Computer
[12 Jul, 2008] Science
yeah..i may not scientifiaclly but feel more pleased towards music when i heard it live then in my pc..
New Natural Wonders Revealed
[12 Jul, 2008] Environment
very nice to know the new 8 unesco
Alcohol Consumption at Home Can Prevent Binge Drinking
[14 Jun, 2008] Health & Fitness is write and at a time we need to guide the teenagers about the ill of consumption of alcohols...and strict rules sholud be imperted in all over the world in regard of selling this alcohol to teenagers........
Chocolate - Really Addictive?
[14 Jun, 2008] Health & Fitness
yeah..many people desires to have yummy chocolates in they life...if this chocolates are addictive why not this chocolate acting as an addictive too all peolple.....??
Cellphones Kill Sperm Cells, Study Says
[14 Jun, 2008] Health & Fitness
well,i belive it..but how this cellphone resulting in the destruction of the sperm cells...?
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