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[22 Nov, 2008]
First of all, well done losing 300kg. Ask anyone how hard it is to lose a stone. Secondly, I'm glad he's found love. His wife must love him. Thirdly, what great friends he has. No-one likes being overweight. It is all too easy to insult and cast stones - and remember, he's cast more stones than anyone can throw. I don't suppose anyone can say he's physically attractive. So, he must be a special guy to get a girl to fall in love with him. I've seen a couple of comments such as "I ... cant even begin to imagine ... " You don't need to. How many of us are ageing without someone to hold at night? He isn't. How many of us still have to go through those awful dates trying to find someone we can even bear to have dinner with? He doesn't. Good luck lad. Hope you can lose more weight for your health's sake. I wish you and your wife a life of love and happiness. Just put the stones into a rockery. Anyone who has stones to throw .... put them into his rockery too; then wonder why he is married and has such good friends and you are alone, casting stones and surfing the internet. Intrapersonal communication can be a good thing sometimes. Good luck ace. i wish you and your beloved well.





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