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Friday, 10 Oct, 2008

Current Events

Dalai Lama's Operation Passed Successfully

Surgeons managed to extract a gallstone from the Dalai Lama which made him suffer from abdominal pains.

Doctors established their diagnosis during a medical examination of the spiritual leader. Chhime R. Chhoekyapa commented on the surgery saying that it was a routine procedure. The Nobel prizewinner was hospitalized in New Delhi on Thursday after a medical checkup which was the second in many months. His assistants advised the 73-year-old to refrain from distant trips.

In August the Dalai Lama was taken to a Mumbai hospital to undergo an examination of abdominal cavity organs. The Tibetan leader was announced to be in good health. However his doctors said that he was in the state of exhaustion, so it'd be advisable to put off his trip to Europe.


The Dalai Lama lives in the north town of Dharmsala, where his government-in-exile is located after his escape from Tibet when Tibetans failed to withstand Chinese assault in 1959. Several months in a year he travels around the world teaching Buddhism and advocating the Tibetan culture and interests.

Rumors about the surgery agitated the whole Dharmsala as it considers the Dalai Lama a symbolic person for thousands of exiles. He is still honored although the exile community has divided between his supporters and young opponents demanding severe measures against Chinese intervention.

The exiles are extremely worried as the Dalai Lama represents the symbol of their hope and faith. If he goes, they'll surrender all hope of seeing better days in Tibet.

China launched a campaign to slander the Dalai Lama after the March uprising in Tibet. It incriminates him Beijing considering it an attempt to separate the Himalayan region from China.


The Dalai Lama repels such accusations as his only aim is to obtain greater autonomy for Tibet and to preserve its unique culture.

Friday, 10 Oct, 2008


Dinosaur King Size Secret

A new study offered a suggestion that dinosaurs called sauropods grew to enormous sizes and evolved successfully partly because they swallowed food whole without chewing it.

Sauropods can be considered the largest land animals that ever inhabited our planet as their weight reached up to 88 tons and their height was about 23 feet.

Researchers suppose that these animals grew huge in order to protect themselves from being eaten by big predators such as Tyrannosaurus rex. But the reason of their extraordinary evolution is still a mystery.

It is supposed that the herbivores which are also called plant-eaters didn’t have any teeth and gulped down their food whole. They grazed on vast territories consuming quickly great amounts of greenery. Martin Sander, a paleontologist at the University of Bonn in Germany, said that they needed long necks so they could reach food that grew high as well as a good alimentary tract to digest unchewed food. He explained that if they had to chew everything they ate their head would have a lot of teeth being too heavy for a long neck.

In order to survive sauropods needed not only to consume a lot of food, but also to advance quickly and acquire their full size before being eaten. Samples of sauropod bones prove the theory of their fast development. A 22-pound hatchling became a 220,000-pound just in 20-30 years.

Sander also said that sauropods produced a large number of offspring at a time which helped them to survive after a catastrophe. Modern mammals, such as elephants, procreate fewer offspring which increases their chances to become extinct. So why don’t gigantic elephants and crocodiles exist nowadays? Scientists consider that reptiles, such as crocodiles, continue egg-laying, but their cold blood hinders them in attaining huge sizes. As for mammals, they have warm blood, but still they can’t beome bigger as they chew their food and reproduce slowly.

Wednesday, 08 Oct, 2008


Parrot Trade under Ban in Mexico

Conservationists beat the alarm. They demand that illegal parrot trade in Mexico should be banned. There are 22 parrot species in Mexico, haft of which is in danger and almost all of them are under federal protection. However, every year almost 78,000 parrots are entrapped illegally. The worst thing is that these birds die before being delivered to their owners.

Environmentalists consider that the government fails to take all due measures against illegal trade and fowling of exotic birds. It’s absolutely necessary to amend Mexico’s wildlife law which will help to put an end to clandestine business. The new bill will come into force when it is promulgated in the official congressional diary which should happen by the end of October.

The defenders of exotic birds consider U.S. to be the major factor stimulating illegal sale of rare species such as the yellow-naped parrot, which inhabits just the Mexican state of Chiapas.

In general these birds are delivered to Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez situated on the border with U.S.. Yet the greatest number of parrots remain in Mexico. They are distributed among numerous markets all over the country.

The parrot trade in Mexico can be performed only within the legal term, i.e. through a federally established conservation area. According to government resolution it is allowed to capture between 3,000 and 4,000 parrots every year. Unfortunately, there is no effective mechanism that would identify legally and illegally entrapped birds. It’s especially difficult at informal markets where the only marker of a legally captured parrot is a band around its leg. Government officials manage to expropriate only 2 percent of illegally transported parrots.

Alongside this professional bird trappers also defend their rights. Many of them capture exotic birds legally in order to make their living. They think that legal bird trade should be permitted as people are glad to have an exotic bird at home.

Wednesday, 08 Oct, 2008


Bald Eagles Suggest a New Diet

A new research has found that bald eagles in Alaska started eating other birds instead of fish. Such a surprising diet was caused by the alterations in food chains. As scientists observed, these changes affected not only eagles, but also sea otters, urchins and kelp forests. The extinction of sea otters from the Aleutian Islands provided favorable conditions for fast reproduction of sea urchins which served as nutrition for otters.

As a consequence, the expansion of urchin population caused the consumption of underwater kelp forests. The forests gradually disappeared, making nearshore zone uninhabitable for kelp-consuming fish that was basically eaten by bald eagles.

According to the journal Ecology, the bald eagles went on a new diet eating mostly seabirds. Robert Anthony and his colleagues, who carried out the research, began gathering information about bald eagles inhabiting the Aleutian Islands in the early 1990s. At that time the number of sea otters was rather high. However, in the early 2000s their number decreased dramatically leaving just 10% of the population.  

Studying food remains in the birds’ nests the researchers observed that bald eagles prefered seabirds to fish, although some eagles still ate fish. These changes can be considered positive for bald eagles. Nevertheless, the researchers still don’t know what caused the decline of sea otters. One of the existing theories suggests that otter hunted by killer whales should be considered the main reason of their collapse.

It’s known that killer whales mainly hunt fish, but some of them hunt such mammals as sperm whales, humpbacks and fin whales. However, in the 20th century these food sources almost disappeared, forcing killer whales to hunt smaller species such as otters. 

This research shows how interrelated ecosystem links are and how easy it is to offset the balance.

In Alcoholic Culture If You Don't Drink, You're Treated like Criminal
[07 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
It's a pity that a person should start suffering from such terrible diseases in order to understand that drinking is harmful! Thank God, Hinch gave it up. It's good that nowadays it has become popular to maintain a healthy life style, to go in for sports, to look after oneself, to eat healthy food. One pleasant fact is that men also became a part of this fashion and started visiting beauty salons. It doesn't diminish their masculinity. It shows that they respect themselves and women that surround them. Keep it up, guys!!!
Aggressive Men Have Round Faces
[07 Oct, 2008] Science
I'm perplexed, I always thought that round-faced men are very kind...maybe I'm just lucky that I didn't meet aggressive guys. But still it doesn't sound convincing enough. Now women may start avoiding such men though they may be completely non-aggressive.
77 Percent of Girls Consider Themselves Ugly
[07 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
These numbers don't surprise me as we all were ugly ducklings in teenager's age. When our body develops, definite disproportions of the body may be observed (not just in girls...), there's nothing shameful about it. In this period a lot depends on the parents' behaviour and support. They should explain that it's all temporary. Then their ugly ducklings may turn into beautiful swans with high self-esteem.
Women Have Scarier Nightmares Than Men
[07 Oct, 2008] Science
I think it depends on emotional sensitivity and it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman. Women are considered to be more sensitive so that's why their nightmares are scarier. But if a man has a high level of emotionality then he'll have the same problems.
The Austrian Dungeon Dad Hopes to Make His House of Horrors a Place for Tourists
[07 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
It's just unbelievable!!!! I can't imagine someone taking pictures at the place where this old freak committed his crimes!!! This place can attract just perverts with psychlogical disfunctions, not normal people!!! It's not a gallery where we look at the works of art or a historical museum. It's a place of a horrible crime, of human sufferings!!!
2.3 million alcoholics live in Russia
[07 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
2.3 millions it's just official data, what about all those who remained unregistered?? And who said that Russians are weak?? It's not true!!!! They're brave!!!!
Police Arrests a Man with Highest Record Blood Alcohol Level
[07 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
Or he doesn't have liver at all....Yeah the guy must be very strong!!!!
Postal Clerk in Britain Wins Record Jackpot
[07 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
It's really interesting to know how the life of this woman changed. Many people imagine themselves with a winning ticket. But what would we really do in case it happened??Did you think about it?? Very often the biggest fortune turns into the biggest unfortune. People are either afraid to spend this money or spend it on trifles or get burned. By the way does anyone know how high the taxes in Britain are??
11 Sleepless Days - Not a Problem
[07 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
The Guinness Book is absolutely right!!!! It's absurd to risk your life and health in such a way!!! Such experiments should be vorbidden. I think it's not necessary to stay awake for 11 days to prove that your brain stops functioning in a proper way. We all know that sleep is necessary as it helps to regain strength and imrove mental processes in our brain. The guy just spoilt his health...
Pills Against Insomnia Cause Sleepwalking
[07 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
I've never done anything like that while asleep, but i'll think twice before taking a pill in case I get insomnia. Scientists should test better new medicines, I suppose, or the consequences of their experiements may set a stone rolling. It can become dangerous not only for people who take such pills but also for those who surround them.
Smells Can Influence Dreams, Scientists Say
[07 Oct, 2008] Science
Wow, i'm really surprised by the article. Finally people who suffer from nightmares will have a good sleep. What about those who suffer from insomnia??Do smells help here as well?? As far as I know smells can influence our appetite. Some diets include certain smells to damp it.
Tuesday, 07 Oct, 2008

Health & Fitness

How to love a hateful job?

The Happiness Institute proved that loving your job is absolutely necessary and one can easily learn it.

Timothy Sharp, one of the leading psychologists at the Australia-based institute, helps people not only to enjoy their working process but also to create better conditions for employees. With his help people learn to work out a positive attitude at workplace, which turns a boring obligation into a pleasant activity. Sharp also teaches organizations to keep valuable workers by creating a business-friendly atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and manage to fulfill their potential.

Sharp is often called "Dr. Happy" as he considers happiness the most necessary condition at work. People should be glad to be a part of the team, which gives them additional work incentive. Such organizations as The Happiness Institute are in great demand in Australia where companies have problems with retaining experienced employees because of low unemployment.

The disequilibrium in financial markets forced more companies to request assistance of "happiness advisors" as they need to maintain security and optimistic mood in their employees. Sharp recommends people who hate their jobs to find something positive about it and try to enjoy it. In order to feel happy at work one should learn to solve problems rather than complain about them. If your job remains unbearable, probably it is time to consider other proposals.

SMS Snooping Can End up a Relationship
[06 Oct, 2008] Technology
I wouldn't advise anyone to do's a matter of trust. once you start a relationship, you should respect your partner without making attempts to limit his freedom. Human egoism can be very harmful and just true love can defeat it.
Average Daily Dose of Peace for a Person is 63 Minutes
[06 Oct, 2008] Science
Unfortunately, the tempo of modern life is so fast, that we often forget what we're living for. Even 30 minutes of rest are spent on TV or computer. We live with our thoughts about the future and forget about the present. So life is a kind of sweet illusion that we create by ourselves. We assign great importance to our daily routine and find excuses in the lack of time. But 63 minutes- is it really so much??
Man Misdiagnosed with Terminal Cancer Gave Away His Savings
[06 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
It's a terrible situation! The man can easily go to law and demand a compensation for emotional distress!! Considering the number of medical mistakes, one should think first before doing something in haste.
Vitamins and Minerals to Reduce Crimes Rates
[06 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
Well, I believe that our emotions are the result of certain interior processes in our blood, but I can't see the connection with crimes. If it were so easy, then it would be enough just to feed the criminal in a proper way...
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