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[03 Oct, 2008]
No wonder that men agree with the article...If it said the opposite thing they'd certainly be against it and would say something like: "No, we see the real beauty in the eyes". Of course, everything is very relative here. We don't know who were those tested people, what kind of pictures they were shown. It's quite personal. Finally every person sees what he/she wants to see. If it's something down there, why not??
It Takes 65 Minutes for a Woman to Get Ready For a Night Out
[03 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
Well, the article is quite provocative. Men can say that 65 minutes is too much, but they don't know that for a real woman the time spent on her beauty is never wasted. That's the simple truth! Woman's age is determined by thó way she looks and feels. So women, don't limit your desires and forget about time!
Knowing Alcohol Addiction Symptoms Means Being Armed against It
[03 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
The main problem here is that an alcoholic will never admit that he has got this addiction and will never ask for help. Signs of alcoholism are not so difficult to distinguish, it's more difficult to make an addicted person accept help. Today there are a lot of clinics that offer different kinds of treatment, but the main factor that helps to overcome this addiction is still person's own desire and will.
Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
[03 Oct, 2008] Science
The whole idea seems very attractive, but still quality is more important than quantity. Living on the Earth which is totally polluted is not a thing we dream of. Besides that we hear every day the news of the approaching apocalypse. If they're true, what's the use of this invention??
Computer Games Help Youngsters Be More Social
[03 Oct, 2008] Science
Yeah, teenagers deal with different problems in virtual communities, but what about their behaviour outside these communities?How can a person shooter make one more sociable?Computer games are similar to drugs. Once you try it you get addicted to it. To my mind, any kind of addiction is harmful. Besides that it was proved that while playing man's brain involves just visual and motor nerves which causes decrease of intellectual activity. Teens get used to their virtual lives and consider that reality is not so important. They feel comfortable hiding behind various images which finally makes them lose their own face. When they're forced to face the reality they become deadlocked, because they see that people react differently, they're not programmed super heroes. In this case if they don't find support of their parents and friends, the only way out is suicide. I'd advise parents to involve their kids in real activities. Computer games may be useful, but they can hardly develop spiritual world of a teenager, his feelings and attitudes as well as his psychological stability.

[03 Oct, 2008]
This Ukranian beauty is just another toy in Hefner's collection. And there is no doubt that it's not the last one. The man gets older, but he has to stay on top level. Beautiful girls and good advertising help him to be up to quality. If not these girls, what else can Hugh suggest??and who cares if they're smart or not??Let this man play!
Want to Live Longer - Get a Second Wife
[02 Oct, 2008] Science
I'll never believe that men with several wives live longer. More wives, more troubles, more stress. There is just one possible explanation for that. Maybe relationships in a lawful matrimony cause less stressful moments for men than the situation when they try to hide several affairs.
Japanese Women Are the Longest Living in the World
[02 Oct, 2008] Science
I don't envy Japanese women. If it goes that way Japan may turn into a country with the greatest number of old women. It doesn't sound so promising. By the way such problems exist in Europe as well. Women want to succeed in life and don't hurry to have family and kids.This tendency to independence is good, but it estranges us from our true destination.
McDonald's to Turn Waste into Compost
[02 Oct, 2008] Environment
I didn't expect that McDonald's is such an active proponent of environmental protection. We can take it as a compensation for our spoilt digestion.
Rambo-type People Are Likely to Die First in a Disaster
[02 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
Smart people are not those who know a lot, but those who can use their knowledge. Being a survivor is the same. If you can estimate quickly the situation, your advantages and disadvantages and react properly-then you'll survive. Strength is not always a recipe for success.
80 Percent of Mexican Women Murdered by Family Members
[02 Oct, 2008] Politics
These numbers are horrible! The worst thing is that victims of domestic violence appear not only in Mexico, but all over the world. Kill if you love-doesn't sound like an excuse. Peole shouldn't keep silence, they should defend their rights. Their body and soul are not a toy or commodity for anyone. Trafficking of women has become a huge business. Why?Women know about the trap and still get into it.
Vladimir Putin - one of the wealthiest man in the world?
[02 Oct, 2008] Politics
Politics is always about money. At least Putin was one of those presidents who managed not only to make money but at the same develop his country.
80 Percent of Americans Think US is on the Wrong Track
[02 Oct, 2008] Politics
It's a pity that majority in the United States can solve nothing. No one wanted to elect Bush, but he somehow became the president and still is!!!
Torture Approved by Bush Administration
[02 Oct, 2008] Politics
American government forgot what the word democracy really means. They set a goal and wade through slaughter. The most horrible thing is that there are a lot of people who believe in such policy.
Bush Regrets His Tough Tone Before Iraq War
[02 Oct, 2008] Politics
It seems that Bush is completely unaware of he says or does...
Georgia's NATO Membership is in Doubt
[02 Oct, 2008] Politics
The conflict in South Ossetia is a real genocide which contradicts NATO’s basic regulation which is maintenance of peace. Georgia committed an act of horrifying cruelty killing innocent people, which puts in question its membership in NATO. Jet United States support Georgia and believe that after the summit in Bucharest the chances to join the block are still high. So there are two possible choices for Georgia either to enter NATO with its actual territory or not. Its membership will prove that politic interests are always above human ones.
2008 Olympic Games in Beijing - One World, One Dream, Two Live Legends
[02 Oct, 2008] Current Events
Olympic Games in Beijing left just positive impressions despite all politic provocations. It was a real “endurance test” for China which she passed with honor and great responsibility. It proved that sport is a means of uniting people. Splendid performance of the athletes made people forget their disagreements and enjoy this spectacular event.
The Best Apocalypse Scenarios
[02 Oct, 2008] Current Events
3. It is quite strange to see that people worry more about the way they die than about the way they live. Is our living so bad or it’s just easier to imagine something bad than to look for possible solutions of existing problems? We can make guesses. Starting from Adam and Eve people wanted to know what they were not supposed to know. Unknown always attracted us, no one can deny that. But still such apocalyptic scenarios should be better used in film-making. They can hardly help us to solve our everyday problems.
Selling Your Soul to The Devil - How Much Is It Worth?
[02 Oct, 2008] Current Events
When Goethe wrote his Faust he could hardly imagine that his idea would become so popular. Yet the whole idea of selling souls over the Internet seems mutilated and horrifying. What values can we speak about if souls can be bought just like goods on the market? Objections of the religious world are quite understandable in this case. In my opinion, roots of this problem lie in the growth of capitalism which causes not only economic development, but also influences greatly upon the formation of a materialistic point of view. Now everything can be sold or bought and it’s not surprising for anyone. A cure for this illness may be in our soul, but if we sell it, we may never get it.
Google Gives Away $10M for Good Ideas to Help the World
[02 Oct, 2008] Current Events
No doubt Google’s project is quite generous and challenging. It offers a great possibility for those who have creative ideas and can suggest something new. Such opportunities have been recently created by different companies who want to advance in their activity. Of course, it’s a pity that not all of the ideas can be put into practice, but on the other hand the company shows that the competition is going to be tough. Yet it’s not quite clear what criteria will be used in order to select the winners and what mechanisms will be used to avoid falsification. I really hope this will be a fair competition and the selected ideas will help to change our attitude to the whole world and will make us more conscious which will also be a great achievement.
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