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Older People Show a Lot of Interest in Cybersex
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
Its true we can see lot of oldies hanging around the cafes
Hubble Took an Amazing Picture of Two Interacting Galaxies
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
Excellent peace of work

[31 Jan, 2009]
Its not very clear
Scientist Developed Software to Accurately Count Hairs
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
yeah! baldness is one of the problems of the 21st century, i gues! men trying to tear themselves apart between their jobs and their families, tons of stressful situations, and dealing with them is a hell of a job, and hair falling out is the result of all the effort men give to stay on top of the situations... so i guess elaborating new strategies of baldness treatment, or even helping elaborating those strategies - that's some good work!
A Lot of People Are Scared of Spiders. Why?
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
Probably because of what we gathered from others
It Takes 10,000 Hours of Practice to Become a Genius
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
Great so everybody can become a genius when they practice 10,000 times
High-Voiced Men More Likely to Be Good Hunters
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
Great so there are various external factors influences our characters
A New Fan-Like Coral Discovered in Deep Sea
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
only a very less % of the Plant and Animal population is explored we must work to explore more especially under sea
Watching Favorite Movies Helps Kids Train Mind
[31 Jan, 2009] Science
Not only with kids but also with adult persons who can practice or even its gives us mental peace when we are enjoying our favourite movies. this may make our mind relax and more comfortable
Scientists Discovered 2,000-Year-old Brain
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
Good job we may expect answer to lots of questions from this skull with little tissue
Taking Brain-Boosting Drugs is Natural, Scientists Say
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
These drugs and practice should be stopped. We must take steps to prevent the students talking this kind of drugs
Women Choose Prestige Over Coercive Tactics in Potential Partners
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
Its true womens dont like the males who is psycological dominants
New Traces of Giant Dinosaurs Discovered in Sahara
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
We must give more research funds to the xisting projects and further works should be carried in the specific area to find out the reasons for the extinction of the particular species
Research Shows that People Are Still Willing to Torture
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
Its true the behavior of the human under certain circumstances is entirely surprising than their normal behaviour aspects
Genes Can Make You Popular, Scientist Says
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
Its true notorious students may be because of the genetic behaviour!!!!!!!
Sneezing May Be Triggered by Sexual Fantasy
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
oh sneezing has lot of meanings
Human Facial Expressions are Inborn, Study Found
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
Some cultural practices also influences our facial expressions and our activities
Ground-based Bacteria May Produce Rain
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
Still clear informations should have given
Race and Gender Influence the Way Politicians Speak
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
True but it's quite natural when they speak in public they are more cautious than others
Meet the History's Most Depressing Day - January 19, 2009
[29 Jan, 2009] Science
All over the world? because of the financial setback in world economy?
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