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Most Spam comes from the USA, says SophosLabs
[15 Apr, 2008] Technology
usa always on top?
Programmers Created Writer-Robot
[15 Apr, 2008] Technology
Online Striptease Scam Makes Users Break the Codes
[15 Apr, 2008] Technology
NASA to Strike the Moon with a Double Sledgehammer
[15 Apr, 2008] Technology
does it work out? but, if they can't who can?
Apple Introduces the Multi-Touch Touchpad with the New MacBook Air
[15 Apr, 2008] Technology
this model is the most susceptible target for virus
Google Purchases a 10,000km Undersea Fiber Optic Cable
[15 Apr, 2008] Technology
We may get good service when giants enter into business
Microsoft Cautions of New Hacker Attack on Word Files
[15 Apr, 2008] Technology
why don't microsoft launch a free anti virus software free edition to stop this?
Cheney and Obama are distant relatives, Mrs. Cheney says
[15 Apr, 2008] Politics
Amazing its always exciting to know somebody related to us distantly!
War in Iraq led to six trillion dollars loss
[15 Apr, 2008] Politics
why don't these muslim countries stop protesting and concentrate in growth?
Psychiatrists to Officially Recognize Internet Addiction as Brain Illness
[15 Apr, 2008] Science
yes millions of people are addicted by internet, this may spoil the young generations
80 Percent of Americans Think US is on the Wrong Track
[15 Apr, 2008] Politics
may be its true but they are too far from the reach of the countries, this may happen to all
Python Skin - Fashion Trend for the Price of Terrible Tortures
[15 Apr, 2008] Environment
we have to protect natural resources, laws should be imposed to stop further destruction.
Vulture - The Unmanned Aircraft Able to Stay in the Air for 5 Years
[14 Apr, 2008] Technology
great is there an end to findings?
Blind Man Fights For His Children
[14 Apr, 2008] Offbeat
somebody have to help him, law always cruel
Woman's Death Linked to Second-Hand Smoking
[14 Apr, 2008] Health & Fitness
the smoking should be banned completely, the smokers should give off their habits
Women Are Interested in Puzzles More Than in Sex, Study Says
[14 Apr, 2008] Offbeat
may be?
Italian Craftsmen Are Good at Producing Fake Ferraris Too
[14 Apr, 2008] Offbeat
always smarties are there
Nurse is Charged with Sexual Abuse of 24 Patients
[14 Apr, 2008] Offbeat
insane perverts are every where
Man with Dead Brain Recovers
[14 Apr, 2008] Offbeat
miracles always happens some where?
Growth of Emissions Predicted in the U.S. for the Next Decade
[14 Apr, 2008] Environment
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