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European Space Agency Is Thinking of Placing a Doomsday Ark on the Moon
[02 Dec, 2010] Science
I am sorry this time frame is too late in my eyes I think there is a good chance that in 2036 we will see apphois way too close to earth. So thats one year to do what amounts to one of the greatest feat of man kind....... HUMMMMM I dont know about that. I just hope that it would be up and running by that time(2035). But how in the hell are we gonna get to the moon if we get wiped out, it took us millons of years just to come down from the trees! LoL No but for real how in the world are we gonna retreive this "stuff" they would have planned to put in here! I say an aleatist, someone of great power would have the lanch butten ay? To send it all back thats one way. after further review I dont like this idea!
Cargo Planes Used to Plant 900,000 Trees a Day
[08 Nov, 2010] Environment
this is the best use of old "stuff" i have ever heard of this is just great. thank the world for waking up omg i am impressed





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