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Heavy Use of Cell Phones Leads to Sperm DNA Damage
[29 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
I wonder what effect do cell phones have on women... it is said here that they lead to miscarriages, but what if the woman is not pregnant?
Gay Marriage Allowed in Connecticut
[29 Oct, 2008] Current Events
The conclusion is: we must ban homosexualism and stop giving more and more rights to gays and lesbians - and it's totally the contrary what happens nowadays... they are becoming more and more insistent and aggresive to this, because, as they say, "they fight for their rights"... suppose homosexualism would be officially declared to be a psychic disease, would these people have rights in this case???
Wednesday, 15 Oct, 2008

Health & Fitness

High-volume Music through Earphones Can Lead to the Loss of Hearing

Every tenth owner of a CD or MP3 player is at high risk of losing hearing, as they often listen to high-volume music, scientists say.

This risk, according to specialists, is being developed from regular listening to high-volume music more than an an hour per day during 5 years. It means that approximately 10 million people all over Europe, including children and teenagers, can suffer from their passion of listening to music through earphones. Statistics say that from 50 to 100 million people use audio players everyday. This is a problem more and more spread among young people, that's why the European committee has promised to lead an investigation on it.

Safety warnings indicate that the maximum level of noise in earphones is in the limits of 100 decibels, but, unfortunately, people usually don't respect these norms. A lot of music lovers raise the level of noise to 89 decibels so they can "plug" the noise in means of public transport.

So, in conclusion, we have from 5 to 10 per cent of music listeners in a group of high risk (that makes circa 2.5 to 10 million people). And losing hearing can be irreversible in such cases, as studies show. Perhaps, the effects of listening to music in high-volume and through earphones often cannot be seen or noticed, but they cumulate in time and when one less expects it, the problems appear. Specialists affirm that they will try to find a solution to this problem, but, in the meantime, for the sake of health, a person should refrain oneself from very high-volume levels of music in the earphones and thus, protect the sense of hearing.

77 Percent of Girls Consider Themselves Ugly
[14 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
Everyone's beautiful in his/her own way, so my advice to those girls would be to stop looking at fake pictures in magazines and concentrate more on other things that would raise their self-esteem... in my opinion, an attractive person is a person with a lot of self-esteem and confidence.
Aggressive Men Have Round Faces
[14 Oct, 2008] Science
Bald men are said to have a higher level of testosterone too... and on the contrary, the more hair a man has on the body, except his head, is said to be a sign of a high level of testosterone... what do we have then? a portrait of a "perfect" aggresive man lol: bald, round-faced and with a lot of hair on his body... just joking, i know aggressive men that don't have round faces at all,so there are exceptions from every rule :)
Gay Marriage Allowed in Connecticut
[13 Oct, 2008] Current Events
I am not against gay marriages, in the end they are all people too and they have their rights to happiness as anyone else does... it's just that their happiness is a bit different from a normal one... but i am AGAINST gay couples being given the rights to adopt and raise children, totally against it. Their mentalities are already formed and they cannot be changed, whereas children's mentalities and sexual personalities are being formed in a great part thanks to their parents and education they had in their families. What kind of an education will a kid receive in a gay family?? will he be mentally healthy afterwards? we know that being a gay is determined genetically only in circa 8 per cent of the cases, in rest it's just a psychological "effect" of one's life experience, education and so on. So, what will we have in a few decades? a number in continuous rising of people with untraditional orientation... maybe in some centuries there won't be left straight-orientated people at all on our globe... humanity will have no other choice than disappear... Perhaps, i'm a little bit too exaggerated on this, but there is a truth in it no one can deny...
Pills Against Insomnia Cause Sleepwalking
[13 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
Pills against insomnia not only cause side-effects, they also cause physical and psychological dependence after a certain period of usage, since the majority of them are narcotic substances. Sure, the degree of dependence is different according to the type of the narcotic substance contained...
Monday, 13 Oct, 2008

Health & Fitness

Knowledge Pills

A lot of experiments nowadays are dedicated to the "enlightening" of our brains. Statistics show that there are approximately 600 medicines meant to treat the disturbances of the nervous system, a good part of which not only treat the disturbances, but also stimulate a normal nervous system.

Some of these medicines are Metilfenidate and Modafinil, already popular in USA. With the help of them people can memorize with a number or an element more than in a normal state (it's known that the majority of people can memorize 7 numbers and the 8th one is rarely memorized), a thing that helps in a lot of situations in our lives, take exams as a good example.

A really surprising fact is that some serious scientists also use them for a better concentration, a better memory and so on.

Another group of pills have quite the contrary effects on people because of such a component as D-cycloserine. They are used to delete information from one's memory, a property used for the treatment of phobias and dependencies.

But all of these wonderful effects of the respective medicines are actually only side-effects. For example, the already mentioned Metilfenidate is called "cocaine for children", as it is used to treat hyperactivity in children. In many countries it stays in the list of narcotic substances, along with cocaine and morphine. More than that, during an experiment at the beginning of our century, a number of persons were administered cocaine and later they were administered Metilfenidate. All of them affirmed not to have felt any difference between them!

As a matter of fact, the instructions to the majority of these "knowledge pills" say that their mechanisms of action on humans had not been totally studied yet, which means that the consequences of their administration can be completely unpredictable.

In many cases, a prolonged usage of these substances led to serious psychological dependences, disturbances of the kidneys and liver, genetical modifications and even convulsions and death. That is to say, there should be a good control in their usage and only when necessary. Nobody will become a genius immediately after the swallowing of "knowledge pills" anyway. Our brain is such a sensible and unknown part of our body that experiments on it should be made only under the supervision of a good specialist and exclusively when really needed.

And, who knows, perhaps in the nearest future we'll be able to buy magic knowledge pills that will supply our brain with all the needed information. It would be a great idea to swallow a pill of this kind in some seconds instead of trying to "swallow" a book in a couple of days...

Friday, 10 Oct, 2008

Health & Fitness

Migraines - Original Solutions

It is well-known nowadays that circa 15 per cent of persons all over the world suffer from regular disturbing headaches, which makes approximately 585 million people. Usually, it is considered that women older than 40 are the ones who suffer the most from these headaches, but it is wrong. Children and men suffer from migraines too, though they pass away when men are 60... with no exceptions(!).

The word "migraine" has its origin from the French variant of the Greek "hemicranias", which means "pain of a half of the head". Doctors cannot explain clearly the causes that lead to this phenomenon yet.

German medical scientists, by having made some interesting observations over 300 patients suffering from migraines and headaches, have got to the conclusion that their main cause was a raised muscular tonus. That is, these people were in a constant tension and didn't know how to relax correctly. So, the main advice the doctors were giving them was to avoid being tense all the time.

Still, the most original solution for the problem of migraines was given by the Irish doctors of Belfast. After a series of long experiments, they have found out that the cause of the headaches was... the involuntary tightening of the teeth during one's sleep. As a result, the human organism starts to produce a specific substance, which causes the constriction of the brain blood vessels and migraine as a consequence.

The intelligent Irish scientists have elaborated a special small plate, meant to be introduced into the mouth before going to sleep and said to prevent the involuntary tightening of the teeth. However, the new device for the prevention of headaches has not been officially acknowledged yet and its structure is still a secret.

All the other serious investigations on this subject nowadays are more related to biochemistry. Take for example another theory, according to which serotonin could have an important role in this process. It is an enzyme that regulates the feeling of satisfaction, concerns, mood, sleep and even appetite in the human brain. Experiments have revealed that people suffering from migraines often suffer from depressions also.

And, after their being administered antidepressants that contain serotonin, their headaches are totally gone too. That's why it is possible that soon scientists will find a universal medicine for migraines, made on the basis of serotonin. Or, maybe, as a side-product, they will get a serotonin-made happiness elixir.

But that will happen some other century for sure.

Aggressive women - genes' fault
[09 Oct, 2008] Science
"Love and other moments are just chemical reatctions in your brain, And feelings of aggression are the absence of the love drug in your veins..." Hope that says it all... :)
Aggressive women - genes' fault
[09 Oct, 2008] Science
Yeah well, we, women, are hard to bear, you guys, just have no other choice than accept us the way we are.... :)
How to love a hateful job?
[09 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
In order to feel happy about your job and to love it you don't need to make any psychological trainings for this.... you either love it or hate it... if it is something you really enjoy doing you'll love it all your life, but if you've chosen the wrong one don't think anything will help you like it... or, at least, not for long...
Doctor Removes Gall Bladder through Woman's Mouth
[04 Oct, 2008] Politics
interesting... haven't heard of such operations before... quite hard to believe it...
15-Year-Old Boy Performs Caesarian Surgery
[04 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
Why don't they say a word about what happened to the mother?!.. Yeah, maybe " a 15-years-old can get a medical degree in America" , though i really wonder how that can be done, but, as far as i see, this is not the case anyway... It's just ridiculous and these things should not be encouraged since the patients are to suffer afterwards...
Sweat-suction surgery to cool your armpits
[04 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
I wonder what kind of impact does this kind of surgery have on people's health afterwards... sweat glands eliminate the excessive and unnecessary liquids out of the body and once the glands are removed, this liquid is gathered in the organism, thus being a possible cause of tumors or other similar problems... so there must be negative sides of these surgeries too... still, i can understand that sometimes they are really necessary for one, so they bring a lot of positive impacts on people's life too... in conclusion, before doing it one should investigate better on everything about it...
Surgeons Who Play Video Games are More Skilled
[04 Oct, 2008] Politics
here is an example of the advantages of playing computer games... that doesn't mean we are all surgeons lol...
Computer Games Help Youngsters Be More Social
[04 Oct, 2008] Science
Totally agree with this. Not even worth mentioning the fact that computer games are a great loss of time, because they cannot be limited just to a few minutes one can decide to spend at first. These few minutes always turn into a lot more, they really are addictive. So what if they make teenagers more sociable??? Instead they have a greater negative impact on their minds...
Deadly Scorpion Venom Could Cure Brain Cancer
[03 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
Yeah... it's not... but nobody said it was the name of the toxin.
[03 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
A really sad thing, but, as it was already mentioned here, i don't think it has to do with music, emo culture and all that's related to it... no "mama, we're all gonna die" lyrics would ever get anyone to do that... the cause must be deeper... and listening to such music, writing this kind of stuff is indeed just a manifestation of some inner problems, just a way to get relief and express one's feelings. Commiting a suicide is a way too serious thing as to be done just because of a song...
Tuesday, 23 Sep, 2008

Current Events

Selling Your Soul to The Devil - How Much Is It Worth?

Recently, a lot of strange advertisements, such as: "My soul, my life and my ghost for sale" have appeared on the Internet. Take for example a 24-years-old inhabitant of New Zealand, Walter Scott, who took out for an auction on a certain website, called TradeMe, his own… soul, with the intention of selling it to anyone, even to the devil in case it exists.

"I cannot see it, touch it or feel it", says Walter, "but I can certainly sell it and get a good sum of money for that." Scott is sure that the ware he is selling is in a very good condition, just a little bit worn off because of "6 years of alcohol usage." There were 32,000 volunteers willing to purchase Walter's "precious treasure".

The auction has started with the price of 456 dollars and the price had been doubling every hour. Still, a little time before the closing of the auction, the managers of TradeMe had suddenly stopped the sales. They explained it by the numerous grievances of the religious visitors of the website, who considered the selling of the soul a stupid and outrageous joke. And still, Walter's soul had found its master – it was the manager of "Hell Pizza" Rachel Ellison, who proposed 3800 dollars for it.

"His soul already belongs to Hell, that's why there isn't any place better for it than our pizzeria," she said. And this is far from being the only case of trying to sell one's soul over the Internet.

Last December, an American has tried to sell his soul at an auction to get money for Christmas. He declared that the one to buy it will get his "precious property" in a glass vessel with the respective contract. He explained this by the fact that he had no money for Christmas presents for his relatives and all that he had more valuable in the world was his soul.

In April 2006, the vendor of the "untouched material" has become a native of Shanghai. The auction had to take place on the biggest Chinese online auction Taobao. There were 58 requests. Back then there was a problem with Taobao's representatives: they said that selling such an "unusual ware" was out of the company's rules, thus its selling was prohibited. The main reason, though, was the lack of a guarantee for the delivery of the ware to its buyer. Besides, the management of Taobao has explained that they will allow the selling of the soul only with a written document of permission from… the "upper offices." Who that would be they did not say.

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