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Sunday, 21 Sep, 2008

Current Events

The Best Apocalypse Scenarios

There have been made a lot of apocalyptic suppositions by now, such as: the disappearance of the planet and the destruction of our Universe, traveling by time machine, the so-called "black holes" swallowing people and so on. The top 10 of the best apocalyptic scenarios were recently published on

Atomic bomb.

History says that before the first atomic bomb, used on 16th of July 1945, there was a rumor spread among the physics of Manhattan, according to which the nuclear reaction could burn out the whole atmosphere.

The 2000th year computer mistake.

The night of 31st of December 1999 was predicted to be a night when the whole humanity would be buried into a total chaos. It was expected that as soon as midnight comes, computers directing everything – beginning with banks and finishing with stations – would decide that instead of the year 2000 the year 1900 has come, thus burying the industrialized world into chaos.


Another scenario – humanity dying of a certain virus, a scenario used as a rule in a lot of movies describing world catastrophes.

Collision with an asteroid.

Another popular scenario in the movie industry. Specialists all over the world are constantly making the lists of asteroids threatening Earth.

Nuclear destruction.

That is the direct destruction of humanity as a result of a military conflict.

Global warming.

Lately, scientists frighten people with global warming. According to this scenario, in a distant future people will lose all natural resources, there will be starvations, epidemics and endless wars for the few resources left.


A scenario of apocalypse for a very distant future. In some billions of years our Sun will become a red colossus and Earth will be destroyed. Some scientists consider that there can exist endless numbers of rational civilizations in our Universe. It is also assumed they can visit Earth one day to conquer it or to make cruel experiments on its inhabitants.

Rising of the machines.

It is said that in the future robots will become smart enough to act by themselves – and that includes destroying the world and killing people.

Japanese Women Are the Longest Living in the World
[20 Sep, 2008] Science
Great... i wish i were born in Japan...:) seriously, we should take an example of them and improve our lives...
Want to Live Longer - Get a Second Wife
[20 Sep, 2008] Science
Hey, it's not fair... why only men have the right to have more wifes in the same time, ha??!! what about women? when will our time come lol???...
Life Expectancy of American Women Falls Significantly
[20 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
Lifestyle again here... live healthy live longer...
Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
[20 Sep, 2008] Science
Yeah, suppose people would live for hundreds of years more... but will Earth last that long?? if all we do now is destroy it...
Rich People Are Not Always Smart People
[20 Sep, 2008] Science
True... it's all about financial aptitudes and not about a high IQ... if you don't have them and don't know how to handle with your money, your IQ won't help you at all...
Millionaire Dies From Depression at the Age of 31
[20 Sep, 2008] Offbeat
Hmmm...this is to say once again that money does not bring happiness... what served all his money for if it didn't cure his depression???
Babies Delivered by Caesarian Section More Likely to Develop Diabetes
[20 Sep, 2008] Science
Caesarian delivery is not the best method of delivery in my opinion. It is known that children born like this have a rather worse immune system than children born in natural conditions... besides, the connection between the mother and the baby that appears once the baby is naturally born is not the same in these conditions... of course, there are cases when it cannot be avoided under certain circumstances, but when the mother simply wants to have a painless delivery... why not try to have a painless AND natural delivery? it depends a lot on the mother's positive attitude, physical form, diet, nervous system and so on...there is a lot of information nowadays about it...
Doctors Prescribe Antidepressants for Babies
[20 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
This is ridiculous!! giving antidepressants to small children... and babies... there are so many complications that can arise from this... and what kind of nervous system will these kids have when they grow old??? i am against antidepressants in adults, because all they do is fight with the so-called "symptoms" and just for a short time... the main cause is the one to be changed here, not its consequences - that is the way of thinking of people in depression, their way of living and so on... if you don't change this, you'll have to take pills all your life and they won't help you... but most of all, giving them to babies and children... i totally disagree with it...
Early Drug Recognition - Key to Successful Treatment
[20 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
An early drug recognition and a good help for those addicted to drugs would be taking care of the people we love in the appropriate time... as well as observing them too... sometimes i just can't understand how can parents not understand that their child is into drugs... don't they see them, their behaviour, the way of talking, even the way they dress... there are so many things that can show one is addicted to drugs... sometimes we just don't pay attention to this... we say they act strange, because they're tired or that it's just age and other problems... but finding out these things in time is very important and judging or criticising is not the best method precisely to help... being there for them and supporting them is exactly what they need so that they know they're not alone in this...

[20 Sep, 2008]
Haha..... awkward article somehow... saying that watching Olympics means thinking about sex would be the same thing as saying that watching porn movies means thinking about... hmm... let's say art lol....people, come on! would anyone spend his whole night watching Olympics just to watch the sexy suits of the swimmers?? it would be just a secondary purpose in all the cases...
Stressed at Work - Mentally Ill by 32
[20 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
Actually, there are no mentally healthy people... only unexamined ones lol...
Alcohol Consumption at Home Can Prevent Binge Drinking
[20 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
The prohibited apple is the sweetest one after all...
Now one blood group fits everyone
[20 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
Surprising and hard to believe... hope it's really true because it would be a revolutionary discovery...
Swiss Cook to Serve Human Breast Milk Specialties
[20 Sep, 2008] Offbeat
Hmmm...i think that's ridiculous....why not use human meat in nutrition soon too???? There just are some things people should not interfere has to do with nature- human breast milk is made only for babies. Now selling it for the purpose of cooking food from it is kind of against the ethics...i associate it with cloning, organ transplants and so on...It's as if human beings are finally becoming a source of prime material, aren't they???
It Takes 65 Minutes for a Woman to Get Ready For a Night Out
[20 Sep, 2008] Offbeat
Interesting article...i guess women have to confirm their being as beautiful...and, besides, if it was otherwise, would men be attracted to them then,ha???...don't think so...
Small Nuclear Conflict Would Be Enough to Destroy Ozone
[20 Sep, 2008] Science
Does anyone know that ozone is a huge threat for human health as well? In big altitudes, it has a positive effect, because it acts like a protective screen against ultraviolet radiation. But in large cities, the smog that results from polluting is transformed into ozone, which is dangerous for the lungs. Once inhaled, it can lead to a lot of respiratory diseases, and it can also worsen the symptoms and sensibility of asthmatics to certain allergens. That's why it is advicing to avoid long walks at noon hours in summer, exactly when ozone concentration is maximal. But, even when toxic, this gase is vital for people on Earth, that's why it is very important to preserve it...
Can a Nuclear Explosion Impact Earth's Spinning?
[19 Sep, 2008] Environment
Now that is a little more positive news...usually, all this kind of news do is frighten people with possible ends of the world and so on and so forth. How many times have we heard of huge meteors threatening Earth or of the continuously rising temperature on the surface of the Sun... sometimes i come to think that it's better not to know of all this stuff in order to maintain a healthy positive thinking...
Rare Cancer After Collapsing Twin Towers 9/11 Tragedy
[19 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
poor people...i guess the tragedy of the 11th of September still continues to threaten humanity after 7 years...
Youngsters Undergo Plastic Surgery to Avoid Bullying
[18 Sep, 2008] Health & Fitness
I think the problem with bulling youngsters because of their appearance should not be solved like this. Usually the affected youngsters are the ones that feel weak and who are not self-confident about themselves. Nobody is perfect, not even the bullies. The difference between the bullies and the bullied is that the bullies don't pay attention to their own "defects" as bullied do. So it's more like a psychological problem. And, moreover, why change oneself for the sake of other people???... Of course it's a different thing when the defects are really serious. One should know how to make a difference between them...
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