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[13 Nov, 2010]
Some people need to harden the fk up! Seriously!

"He's over-weight... imagine how hard it is to be him... fat people have feelings to..." FFS! Wake up you do-gooder moral high ground taking feminists.

This guy didn't just wake up and get a little over-weight here, he was 570 KILOGRAMS!!!!

Sure, well done for losing 300 cos that is pretty amazing, but he surely got himself into that situation to start with and to do nothing about it when you weigh 150 is bad enough. At what point did this guy actually have the intelligence to go, you know what, I'm getting pretttttty fat, I should do something about it...


He laid on his fat ass, and kept eating, 200, 300, 400, 500 Kg's "roll" past and he still does nothing.

So lets be honest with ourselves. It is far too easy for all these tree hugging emotionally intellectual posters to say we shouldn't judge people. If it wasn't such a big deal, WHY IS THERE EVEN AN ARTICLE ABOUT IT???

If we are not to judge, why pity?

As human beings we are genetically coded to assess and compare other people based on appearance for competition and mating. A large part of peoples appearance tells us their intelligence, strength, etc...

Sure, he might be a nice guy. But I'm not going to say he deserves to be felt sorry for, because he was DUMB and made bad choices. Being ridiculed and judged is a consequence of his actions, no one else's.

Well done on getting laid though.
Artist Creates Unique Coral Reef from Life-Sized Human Sculptures
[13 Nov, 2010] Offbeat

[07 Nov, 2010]
Firstly, THANK YOU to the many who shed light on what was otherwise almost a total waste of time reading this article. Btw Dave, here, here!

Secondly, from my humble knowledge of the subject...

I know many women from all walks of life (as I'm sure most of us do), confident, shy, dancers, overweight slobs ....
Of these women I know, very few have NOT experienced an orgasm of any kind. A much larger proportion can or have only achieve a clitoral orgasm. But certainly, a large percentage (and from information passed on by other women about their friends) achieve orgasms via intercourse and vaginal penetration and or anal penetration regardless of their gait, flexibility and or sexual confidence. Not to mention (but I will) multiple orgasms, orgasming within 30 seconds or sometimes taking up to 30 minutes to reach orgasm, etc, etc, etc.

So I completely refuse to accept that this "study" (if you can call it that) helps people tell if a woman is "orgasmic" based on the way they walk. It's a complete crock of sht.

What if they studied A group of catwalk models?

They might have said they have vaginal orgasms because they assumed it might land them a job somewhere? I know, I know - getting a little shallow in my assessment of people in that industry but I also have knowledge of this too.
We would have to suggest that all catwalk models (for example) are "Orgasmic"? I mean ffs.

Yes agreed, kegel / pelvic floor exercises would help facilitate circulation and the stimulation of the G-spot... But my guess is, just a little.

Achieving orgasms is even more so about the emotional / psychological stimulation than it is the physical / mechanical. But the two surely must go hand-in-hand so to speak.

We are all wired differently, psychologically and physically so there is no right or wrong combination for reaching orgasm or conclusion to be drawn based on a pathetic sample space like this study.

I guess finally all that is left to say is, I know both men and women who have not experienced orgasm at all. But if people want to say they had a clitoral, G, A, D, U, J, 3, Squirting, Z or an N-the-the-power-of-69-spot orgasm... LET THEM!

Just don't deny them that right, or the fact that something exists purely because you have not experienced it.

...Or claim you can tell they can or can't, based on the way they walk.

lol and cheers.

[07 Nov, 2010]

Didn't realise this was a relationship counselling service





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