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Solar City Tower Designed for Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games
[09 Apr, 2010] Environment
Doesn't the waterfall waste water? It's an impressive design, but I'm just wondering about the total effectiveness.
Japanese Artist Designs Inspiring Crystal Architecture
[09 Apr, 2010] Offbeat
I have seen some art installations that made use of light and they have tremendous power -- a feeling that never quite comes across in photographs.
Energizer Bunny Expected to Fetch $20,000 at a Beverly Hills Auction
[09 Apr, 2010] Offbeat
Awww, fuzzy!
CO2 Cube to Make People Aware of the Metric Ton of CO2 Emitted Each Month
[09 Apr, 2010] Current Events
Sometimes it is a good idea to provide a concrete illustration of the pollution problem. Just wish it wasn't so, well, square.
E-Books That Use Augmented Reality Tech
[09 Apr, 2010] Technology
In books, comics, movies, and photos, I have to tell ya: Love the 3D, Hate the glasses.
Latest Invention: Eco-friendly Battery that Powers Devices for 6,000 Hours
[09 Apr, 2010] Technology
Sounds too good to be true, but as long as they don't ask me to invest, I'm all for this.
UK to Turn Chagos Archipelago Into Biggest Marine Reserve on the Planet
[09 Apr, 2010] Environment
The United Kingdom used to rule the oceans so it's only fitting they take the lead in this environmental area.
Latest Invention: Acoustic Ear-scanning Technology to Help Avoid Theft
[09 Apr, 2010] Technology
Some recording engineers with whom I work have agreed with me that each human being hears music differently because of things like the physical nature of the outer and inner ear. This seems to confirm our view.
Sleep Scan Tracks Your Sleep Depth and Quality
[09 Apr, 2010] Health & Fitness
If I knew this was placed in my bed I would find it difficult to go to sleep for a few nights. Anyone else feel that way?
Countries With the Highest Level of Internet Censorship
[09 Apr, 2010] Current Events
Enemies of the Internet is a good name for the report. Perhaps also: Enemies of Information.
Sexual Red Wine Therapy
[09 Apr, 2010] Health & Fitness
And if you combine red wine and chocolate?

[09 Apr, 2010]
What's the old joke. . . "Hey, I was using a condom, so technically I wasn't even touching her."
Swiss Army Knife that Dates Back to 200AD
[09 Apr, 2010] Offbeat
Plus, there's that great emoticon in the handle.
Artist Uses Household Materials to Create Landscape Art
[09 Apr, 2010] Offbeat
Fascinating. I do wish each photo had a caption mentioning the ingredients (I mean artist materials!)
Artist Constructs Huge House Using 6 Million Beer Bottles
[09 Apr, 2010] Offbeat
We all can use a hobby but it's not often you get to live in it when you're done. My only problem with it is the length of time it took, but congrats on the accomplishment!
Battery That Generates Power from Noise
[09 Apr, 2010] Technology
We should all give a shout-out for this.
Magic World of Circus on Wristwatch Face
[09 Apr, 2010] Technology
I'm more of a Cirque Berzerk type of guy, but I'm also a sucker for strange watches, so here's a "Like It!" for this product.
Latest Invention: pCubee Provides 3D Experience Without Special Glasses
[08 Apr, 2010] Technology
Interesting. Don't know how they plan to put "Avatar" in a box, but good luck to them. We all want 3D film and TV without the glasses.
Top 10 Latest Inventions of March 2010
[08 Apr, 2010] Technology
This is actually 10 articles in one. Fun! My own favorite is Skinput (#9) but that may be because of my background in communications.
Robot Guiding You Through Complex Financial Center in Madrid
[08 Apr, 2010] Technology
Nicely produced video. It made the topic friendlier than it might otherwise have been. I still can't help thinking it would be fun to try fooling the robots, but perhaps I'll grow out of that one day.





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