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Lively, cheerful, amusing!! All that's about me! Love my parents blindly, but can't see my life without my dear friends!!! I like playing fool, as everybody likes, when he/she is young, grand and takes more from his/her life!! People, love each other!

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[28 May, 2009] Current Events
I wanna sooooo much this Mac!!! ;( - crying... Mine is already out of service. Heeelp!
Friday, 05 Dec, 2008


A New Fan-Like Coral Discovered in Deep Sea

Scientists discovered a new species of coral in the depths of the Pacific Northwest. These corals live in a forestry environment on the peaks of underwater mountains. One more point to be added here is that these very corals are shaped like a fan.

The interesting thing is that these fan-like "bamboo corals" can reach heights of up to a meter. Their abundance amazes. There is a large number of deep sea creatures that inhabit oases, created by this species of corals. The "bamboo corals" were discovered at depths of 700 to 1,000 meters in the famous Alvin submersible by Peter Etnoyer – the marine biologist of Texas A and M University and his colleagues.

He says: "They look really, really big when you're underwater." According to Etnoyer, for many years trawlers brought up pieces of this species of corals in their nets. But no one even suspected about the real size of these mysterious corals as well as their beauty and importance for other underwater creatures, living at such depths.

Bamboo corals are animals that feed on organic material floating by. They inhabit in deep cold waters, which cannot be said about the hard corals. They also provide cover and shelter for fish, crabs and other sea creatures in this vast expanse of deep ocean floor.

According to the deep sea coral researcher Di Tracey of New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, besides food and shelter the bamboo corals also provide breeding grounds, that makes them important for fisheries. "Now, with the help of technological advances and remotely controlled submersible vehicles, these unusual creatures can finally be given the scientific attention they deserve," added Di Tracey. (ANI)

Earth's Largest Crystal Found in Mexican Cave
[06 Nov, 2008] Environment
Wow! Not bad! Our Earth interior doesn't stop to amaze it's inhabitans))
Husband's Love Woke His Wife from a 30-Year Coma, Doctors Say
[06 Nov, 2008] Offbeat
Oh, that's so nice! Unfortunately, nowadays one can count such examples on one hand ((
Japanese Man Wants Legalization of Marriage Between Human and Comic Book Character
[06 Nov, 2008] Offbeat
Oh! People are crazy! How can this man be called the sane one? I'm astonished!
Gay Marriage Allowed in Connecticut
[17 Oct, 2008] Current Events
That's just the thing! Of course they are also people, but that becomes like a modern trend. Because that's fashionably somehow. They see they are not alone, that there are people, who support them and their likings and begin to insist on their rights. You see, how our society has changed! Except these gays and lesbians there are a lot of such groups of people like these emo, goths and so on..The list is huge. It's good that we are supposed to live in free society, but god damn, how will the representatives of this society look in few decades? That's the question!
Woman Cuts Off Man's Head and Parades it through the Village
[17 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
Ye, in some cases woman's rage knows no limits... But such kind of feeling may seize a person only for some time. Then comes clearing. But cut off man's head and parade it through the village... never know how would you do in such case, even if you resist this. It depends.
Cellphones Kill Sperm Cells, Study Says
[15 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
Oh, the perpetual problem with these cellphones!! Here is the root of all evil!! They harm not only men's organism... In addition: men, eat more parsley!)
High-volume Music through Earphones Can Lead to the Loss of Hearing
[15 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
On one hand listening to music in high-volume is nice - you may abstract from the environment and retire into yourself, in this case music, that you love helps you in doing that. But, unfortunately, people live for the day, they don't think this can lead to problems with their health. The same with alkohol and smoking and not only these...
McDonald's to Turn Waste into Compost
[14 Oct, 2008] Environment
Generously...what can I say? As turned out, McDonalds can benefit.
Bald Eagles Suggest a New Diet
[14 Oct, 2008] Environment
Ye, the alterations in our nature strike... I won't be surprised if some of bald eagles will start to eat some other representatives of life, for example...sad
Putin Agrees to Show His Black Belt Judo Skills to France's Nicolas Sarkozy
[13 Oct, 2008] Current Events
Ata boy Mr. Putin! Respect! A good example to follow! See, Mr. Sarkozy, Putin won't teach you bad things!
Fat Japanese Dolphins Are Put on a Low Fat Diet
[13 Oct, 2008] Health & Fitness
Poor dolphins!! To put them on a diet? It's blasphemy!
Dinosaur King Size Secret
[13 Oct, 2008] Environment
Great!! "these animals grew huge in order to protect themselves from being eaten by big predators such as Tyrannosaurus rex"... Unfortunate "predators", what should they do? Their victims grew up and could eat their predators))
World's Biggest Private Collection of Lego
[13 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
Oh, I don't envy the wife of this mad man. But if a person goes in for something it is to difficult sometimes to get rid of this or that liking. Be strong, brave wife of the mad husband!
New Mind-Blowing Pyramidal Construction to be Built in Paris
[13 Oct, 2008] Technology
Oh, that's great! Such buildings always strike me!!! The architects' imagination have no bounds!
Police Found Children's Remains in Freezer
[12 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
There is no forgiveness for such a mother. Terribly...
Selling Your Soul to The Devil - How Much Is It Worth?
[12 Oct, 2008] Current Events
I receive more and more evidences that a lot of representatives of the numerous popularity of our planet are not friends with their mind. How can it be?? That thing is very sad...
Underwater Museum in Alexandria to Help Viewers Admire the Palace of Cleopatra
[12 Oct, 2008] Environment
It's wonderful!! This place really deserves to be one of the wonders of the world!
Boy Feeds Crocodile with Rare Zoo Animals
[12 Oct, 2008] Offbeat
There are no words..only emotions! Was the boy smiling?? Perfect! The small and cruel creature!
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