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A Bruce Lee biography movie to be filmed in China
[22 May, 2007] Offbeat
Actually, Bruce Lee made 23 films as a child and teenager in Hong Kong, none of them having anything to do with kung fu, before he went to the States in 1959. Later he was in the 5 martial arts themed movies known worldwide.
Google's List of Class-Action Lawsuits
[15 Apr, 2007] Offbeat
Do you know argentinian cases against Google??? www. chillingeffects. org/ international/notice.c gi?action=image_7318 There are more than 80!!!
No PowerPoint, please!
[05 Apr, 2007] Health & Fitness
It is the University of New South Wales and not New Wales University
Invisibility is now one step closer
[04 Apr, 2007] Science
Just a thought but... Would the object still cast a shadow from light sources? Theoretically it's still "there" but just not visible. Would seriously put a wrench in the gears there. Terrorist (probably?):Hey boss they got stealthers! What do we do? Boss: Shoot their shadows. *stealther falls over as the bullets keep pouring in, can't see the blood so never know if its dead o_O* And of course this will shortly be in ruin when more sophisticated heat sensory is available. Nor would it stop sound alarms. *shrug* Seems pointless. Could cloak your car. Then have some idiot drive into it thinking it was an empty spot. Woot?





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